Close Combat Footage of Iraqi PMU gunning down ISIS fighters west of Mosul

Iraqi PMU have repelled another larger ISIS attack on positions west of Tal Afar. ISIS suicidal units try to break fortified PMU positions only leading to massive ISIS losses at our hands. Over 25 ISIS fighters were killed in this battle alone, 3 armored vehicles, 1 bulldozer and 2 suicide trucks were captured and destroyed.


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  1. Watching a documentary video of the History channel all started with religious fanaticism, now everything is based on hatred between people who have been excluded or living in exclusion around the world. The feeling of frustration generates all this, nothing more. Ineptly governments know this and understand, but they laugh at the people who are killing themselves for nothing. Governments and companies control everything, they have money and power for everything, but they prefer to see the circus catch fire. People, stop killing yourself, because the rulers of the whole world want that! The world is full of people, and the more in vain, the better for politicians. Something that gives to know clearly living in Brazil. Brazil is a country of cowards, politicians and rulers slaving 90% of the people and everyone is quiet. I tell everyone that Brazil 2017 is the worst country to live in the world today!

Close Combat Footage of Iraqi PMU gunning down ISIS fighters west of Mosul

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