Iraq War 2004 – US Forces in Fallujah – Combat Footage

Archive footage as United States Armed Forces fighting in Fallujah.


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  1. also mich wundert es nicht, dass der ein oder andere da mal durchdreht und sich in die luft sprengt, wenn mein haus da so misshandelt wird und bei mir eingeritten wird ohne gnade, sorry was ist falsch in deren köpfe?

  2. But who hasn't raided the weaker countries for both good and bad Russia basically tried to take out the whole race in parts of Afghanistan Iraq and Iran we went in trying to help them establish their self by taking out extremists while also gaining in on a little oil??? No country or man is right we got to come together in peace to create happiness and love so we can reach the highest enlightenment on our mind body and souls… I been thinking about making videos for the people about life and what I think is going on in this world… I hope Alex Jones off Info Wars would see it if I had people who wanted me to make videos…

  3. Nato= Zionist fake apostate Bablylonian, Ba'al worhiping jews/Draco Reptilians. Nato is Usa, Usa is Israel, Israel is Roschilds and the Queen of England

    They are trying to get us into WWIII with the few remaining countries that are not under Reptilian control, such as Russia, Iran, China, etc..

    They feed of off negative energy, sadness, anguish,etc..suffering.. They wish to make humanity suffer so much, so they can trigger the second coming of Jesus, which in fact will not be the actual Jesus, but the AntiChrist/Lucifer/their Draco boss, in disguised

    He in turn will rule this planet for a while, and will unleash such heinous shit, this world hasnt seen before.. which in turn will trigger the second coming of the actual Jesus/ The good little grey aliens/angels

    Lucifer in his cockiness, thinks he can beat them, once and for all, so that he can reign supreme not just the lord of this planet, but at least this galaxy

    But he keeps forgetting that there is one bigger fish than him left..which is Jehovih.. The Alpha and Omega..

    Not to mention that there are numerous Arch Angels throughout the various nebula in the universe, who control Billions of lower angels, that Jehovih, will command to come down to Earth and help Jesus..

    Lucifer will lose, and lose bad…

    Not sure what will happen to him and his henchmen, which hell they will be thrown into.. but after this..

    Jesus/Jehovih will usher in another Golden Age

    This is the plan

  4. American soldiers aren't to blame for their actions in war. Its the policy makers and politicians that ought to be judged. I agree with an overwhelming international poll, AMERICA IS THE REAL TERRORIST!

  5. All these Americans that want to pretend they didn't want their armed forces to go over there… in 2003 the intervention was receiving overwhelming support, by 2006 civilians were calling their soldiers "baby killers". It's truly disgusting the way some Americans treat their veterans – the very people that fought for your comfortable way of life. Some people like to pretend that they are experts of warfare because they have seen a few movies and played some FPS games. I fucking DARE you to go into urban warfare like these men did. After you do, then you can sit in judgement of their actions.

    Don't hate the soldiers, hate the corrupt regime that sent them over there. Blame yourselves or the people around you for cultivating a culture that allowed them to go over there. I'm well aware that plenty of people were against the war but sending soldiers over to fight, then complaining when civilians get killed… that's just asinine. Every toolkit needs a hammer, you shouldn't be surprised when that hammer accidentally misses the nail and hits a thumb.

Iraq War 2004 – US Forces in Fallujah – Combat Footage

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