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  1. terrorists are fucks, while this is happening countries dont worry about eachother, they are worried about terrorism, so there is less wars between countries, less country vs country wars, but still, these terrorists need to lick the knife with their own balls and blood, that is if they have balls

  2. I was in that fight something I think about a lot ….Yes we did kill a lot but War is not pretty…THE ONLY ONE WAY TO WIN"" A WAR IS" TO KILL"" THEM ALL!!! that's the only way

  3. "a bit gross" if its against isis well then… i mean they murder 3 yr olds as part of their religion. they have it coming. beat them in the balls until they die from lack of willpower. fuck yeah, man

  4. you guys to need to understand that "terriost" are fighting for their country , they are humans to o.,THE AMERICANS are terriost to them because they're invading their country and trying to cause chaos….. .. Illumaniti is the real cause of everything… open your eyes.

  5. عاش المجاهدين

    يكفي للكلاب الامريكان اللي يعلقون تحت بالكومنت

    يكفي اننا وبشهاده العالم كله مرغنا انوفكم بالوحل ونحن لا نملك ترسانه عسكريه ولا اسلحه متطوره

    و اصبحتم تتمنون الخروج من العراق بأسرع وقت

    بعكس وضعكم في افغانستان التي مازلتم بها

    العراق استعصى عليكم ولم تستطيعوا الصمود اكثر فهربتم مع ترسانتكم التي لم تغني عنكم شيئاً

    كل العالم يشهد ويقول ان العراقيين مرغوا انوف الامريكان في الوحل وهذا يكفينا

    american soldiers noses trample in the mud by mujahdeen

  6. One of the worst atrocities of the 21st century. Captured relatively quietly and held by Us Army. Locals accept being occupied. Us Marines replace Army. Over aggressively cause trouble and loose the populace. Insurgency rises against US occupation. Marines then have to fight small numbers of foreign insurgents but most residents rise opposing US forces. US forces commit war crimes (it's a fact just there's no one powerful enough to hold them to account) using depleted urainum and white phosphorous, a long held heinous war crime. Though they BS claims of only using them as markers. 70% of the male population is killed. Birth defects and irradaition problems are a long lasting legacy of the US visit. ISIS now hold it as they are seen as less evil than the US. US foreign adventurism fck yeah. Remember a crusade to people in the middle east means cannibal apocalypse and not much has changed. Cept the cannibalism 'coz you bought your own food this time . GOD help humanity . GOD damn the media for their silence.

  7. हम सभी अमेरिका के सैनिकों और पीस कीपिंग फोर्स को अभिनंदन और शुभकामनाएं देते हैं । विश्व शांति के लिए यह लडाई है, जरुर सफलता मिलेगी ।

  8. What exactly is the mission here? How is this protecting American lives? Amazing how everyone forgets the murders committed here by America and is happy with their beer and football.

Raw Fallujah Footage- A bit gross

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