SAA inches away from ISIS (combat footage)

Syrian Arab Army soldiers fighting ISIS terrorists inches away from their positions.

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  1. Isis are the worst fighters in history. Spray and pray lol. These inbred retards can only kill unprotected women and children. Whenever they face real soldiers they have zero chance.

  2. Isis – always defending acres of dust and crumbling, smoking rubble!! As if Allah is interested in them or their rotting rubbish dumps – their former caliphate! Isis – useless, deluded, sub human dumb clucks! Dumb, dumb and dumber. MAD! Just obliterate them from the face of this earth, pronto. And where are all the Muslims protesting about Isis hijacking their silly, sectish religion? SILENCE REIGNS! Why?

  3. These SAA soldiers are so brave–going right up to ISIS degenerates to ensure the are all finished off, risking their own lives to get close and get effective shots! They are true heroes to all of humanity! They are saving countless lives around the world from so much ISIS terror that would result if any of these Wahhabist scum were allowed to remain alive! US soldiers would stay 3 or 4 kilometers away at the closest, and cower as they call in a drone or plane to obliterate an enemy position. US soldiers are cowards who only get brave in video games, and they want to "play" real war on a screen too, with their murderous drone "games." And since this is ISIS we are talking about, the USA would drop pallets of weapons, ammunition, explosives, food, water, and other supplies to them, not fight or destroy their terrorist proxy army of imperialist dupes. The soldiers of the USA are cowards just like the Wahhabist terrorists they fund and arm. Thank God we have true brave heroes in the world like the SAA to destroy ISIS and all other Wahhabist forces sent by the West to unleash chaos, destruction, terrorism, torture, mass-rape, mass-murder, war, and genocide in all areas the West wants to invade, conquer, plunder, and enslave forever! #VictorySAA #VictoryAssad #SyrianArabArmy #SAA #DeirEzzourLiberation #DeathToISIS #DeathToAlQaeda #DeathToAlNusra #DeathToHTS #DeathToWhiteHelmetsTerrorists #DeathToTheSDF #DeathToTheFSA #DeathToWahhabism #MintPressNews #GlobalResearch #GlobalResearchTV #USTerroristRegime #USDroneTerrorism #USWarCrimes #USEmpire #USImperialism #USAggression #USLies #USRegimeLies #USMSMLies #MSMLies #NatoTerrorism #NorthAtlanticTerroristOrganization

SAA inches away from ISIS (combat footage)

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