This is War – Firefight scenes Iraq / Afghanistan

Some crazy firefight scenes filmed in Iraq and Afghanistan.
this video shows soldiers in firefight, it is for informative use only to show what is really going on in these wars. it shall NOT glorify violence!


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  1. When America or WHITE PEOPLE in general are the terrorists of the Earth… invading and robbing a country for its resources and profit for Zionist elites.. Those Arabs didn't do shit to you brainwashed pale cave monkeys

  2. American pussy screaming like babies what cowards they can never fight fare , instead they take on guys with ak47 I don't see anything brave about that , America should fight Russia then I'd call them brave

  3. You Call this War? You american cowards! go attack a real enemie with a real army and dont fight some al kaida amateurs. then you can cry and say you where in war. The soldiers in the eastern front ww2 would laugh about that

  4. This isn't really war…the enemy doesn't have air support or heavy artillery… Just untrained battle hardened people with old guns and homemade explosives against modern equipment and latest armor and weapons… What would we be able to do against a modern army like say Russia, or China, North Korea? Where we wouldn't have superior weapons and air support? Equally armed and modern opponents like in world war I or II. We pick fights against opponents we can over power and win. We have a 10,000 to 1 kill ratio isn't really war, it's simply practice for military complex and wasting billions on dirt we don't want to keep? People over there didn't want our help, and don't like that we destroy everything just meet our leaders agenda….

This is War – Firefight scenes Iraq / Afghanistan

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