US Troops Rare Combat Footage During Heavy Clashes with Taliban | Afghanistan War War Clashes War


US Troops Rare Combat Footage During Heavy Clashes with Taliban | Afghanistan War   – Footage of U.S. and Afghan forces fighting through an ambush in and around the village of Laui Kalay, in the Kunar province of Afghanistan. Anti-Afghanistan forces engaged with small arms, automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades from two locations. U.S. and Afghan forces returned fire and called in mortar and OH-557 Kiowa air support, 2009.

03:44 – Apache helicopters destroying enemy fighting positions above the village of Donga, Afghanistan. The positions were discovered a day earlier during an ambush of a patrol conducting a key leader engagement. With help from a forward observer, the helicopters identified the targets and then destroyed the positions using their 30 mm cannon and rockets, 2009.

05:12 – Soldiers entering the village of Alsbad to talk with village leaders in the Korengal Valley of Afghanistan. The platoon made its way to Donga where elements of the patrol came under small arms fire from a nearby ridge while investigating the positions above the village. Soldiers put down suppressive fire and destroyed the enemy position with 120 mm mortar support from Korengal Outpost.

06:19 – US and Afghan National Army forces entering the village of Darbart, after identifying and marking several fighting positions overlooking the village, the patrol is ambushed leaving the village by anti-Afghanistan forces using small fires, automatic fire and RPGs. US and Afghan National Army forces return fire and destroy the fighting positions using mortar, 155mm artillery fire and a 2,000lb GBU-31 bomb from a F-15.

09:19 – Artillery team firing from near Forward Operating Base Bastic in Afghanistan. Scenes include them loading the Howitzer and firing multiple rounds, 2009

10:19 – Attack on FOB Joyce, Kunar Province. Scenes include shots from the FOB going into the surrounding hills, 2009.

11:48 – Coalition forces are working to remove the threats of enemy pockets scattered throughout the country of Afghanistan. 2010.

13:57 – U.S. Army Soldiers conducting a joint patrol in the Tantil Valley area of Konar and the patrol coming under attack as they were leaving the village (no sound), 2010.

★15:33 – US Soldiers in firefight with Taliban forces in Qatar Kala, 2010

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US Troops Rare Combat Footage During Heavy Clashes with Taliban | Afghanistan War War Clashes War

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