33 incredible combat videos from Iraq (graphic)

This is a compilation from another website and belongs to them. I am passing along due to its content. Thanks to all our veterans.


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  1. Fuck with the US Military….your GONNA get it!!!! Period. Inhumanity to other human beings my ASS….they were terrorist aiming to kill US or British Military personnel….and if its known in the slightest….they're going down…in hideous fashion….

    from kuwait <3 USA

    i have ZERO mercy for iraqi terrorists who invaded my country on 1990
    because they showed us zero mercy .

    for all those US army , my life is yours and i will defend you with my soul when time needs <3

  3. look, I know it's terrible that the one American soldier executes those prisoners by point blank shots to the head, but these terrorists do that shit on a daily basis. men, women, children, first aid responders, all slaughtered daily by those Muslim savages. they even kill their own if they have a slightly different outlook on religion

  4. At first I thought it was a video game….this is terrible….war is nothing but an undertaker…may they all R I P on both sides……..5'04 a poor dog got killed too….and at 6;07 a poor horse was killed….nobody is safe in this inhumane war…I pray it will end soon.

33 incredible combat videos from Iraq (graphic)

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