COMBAT FOOTAGE! Battle on Haifa Street, Baghdad, Iraq – Fierce fighting!

Operation Tomahawk Strike 11, one in a series of raids targeting illegal militia activity. Scenes include U.S. and Iraqi Soldiers engaging insurgents from a high-rise in the Haifa Street area of Baghdad.


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  1. I am from iraq and i just want to say to people out there this is bullshit because in Haifa street battle we maked us soldier act like pussies and it was a bloody battle for the american soldier and i am proud of this

  2. Liberalkrew you are a complete idiot.  I have seen the studies on how ppl believe the bldgs were demo'd from the inside.  Well, i guess you believe Americans flew those plains too?  You need to go back to your commi support group and leave these heros be.  You have no insight at all and play the part of a fool when you open your mouth.  

  3. You guys look so young!  (I'm 35.)  I just want to take you all home with me and keep you safe!  LOVE the big gun, had a few 9mm's myself.  Love the teamwork too.  You are all strong and dig deep to get through that together.  Don't ever think your country has forgotten you, bc i am damn proud of you all and thankful you badasses are with the good guys.  I'm proud of our men and women and thankful every day.

  4. At least that one was firing his weapon. Most of the ones we had in our building during that fight cowered in corners when the bullets started flying. 95% of their military was utterly useless.

  5. look at some of you people here saying the US ,,,we are OUT of there now and you IRAQIS are still killing each other every day you need to get rid of the extremists islamists , so stop blaming the west for every thing ,,,,,AND US FORCES THANK YOU FRIEND FOR YOUR SERVICE , FROM AUSTRALIA

COMBAT FOOTAGE! Battle on Haifa Street, Baghdad, Iraq – Fierce fighting!

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