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  1. more ieds and more sniper attacks more hit and run attacks on occupation forces and local collaborators …especially for inferior forces against superior armed forces.

    AMERICAN DEMOCRACY IS THE BIGGEST THREAT IN THE WORLD… USA is the cause what is happening in middle-east. There are many war lords inside CIA. CIA was the cause for Iraq war…They made false report of chemical weapons now the country is ruining ……afghanistan war can be defined due to presence of bin laden but not IRAQ & LIBYA…..
    George Bus is the war criminal .He must be brought in the International war court…He is responsible for all these…… How many security personal does USA provide for ex- president?????I am sure this man is in great danger……….he did a lot of crime against humanity….ISIS is present in USA……and the The war lord BUSH has reason to fear………………..
    Nowadays again CIA is making false report of chemical attack in SYRIA…Dont think that i m musIim but USA had done lots of crime against humanity…American Democracy is a JOKE…..Shadow USA government is more powerful than USA government……WHAT'S THE USE OF DOING ELECTION SPENDING MILLIONS OF DOLLAR IN USA……

  3. Every single day i wake, another trip around the solar system. I have a family, a wife, a fantastic life, but I still want the same thing everyday. I dream the same things in the night. I'm taunted by the gun, calling my name. Not for me, I'm the trigger man. A curse, and a release. Good and evil in a single squeeze. Taking a life is no easy task, even the smallest of field mice brings on instant regret. But this is what I know, it's what I breathe, it's what I sleep. It's the first thought when I wake, and the first thought as I sleep. Everyday the gun calls my name, it's not for me. I am the trigger man. A blessing, and a curse.

  4. I've noticed that in all youtube vidoes of the iraq war all that all americans are standing. Thats probably because the are doing all the shooting and killng. Come on. People tha take a ride half way across the world just to shoot at the local population must be seriously fucked in the head.

  5. All the idiots going 'omg US troops attack innocent houses like usual' well what do you expect? Should the militants have come out of the houses into the open desert and then fight the Americans? Wars aren't fought on the open they are fought on the streets and in the cities and innocents will always die but thats the sad fact of war. 

  6. I read a comment below by a gentleman (term used loosele, whose thoughts were worth the same vale of his user name. A "Mr, Pee Bucket. This brave men that you denigrate so easily were protecting a ucket of pee who was ilikely in zero danger as while the bullets flew and our heros dodged IUDs you were likely dinking beer and watching football,. You are of course entitlted to your opinionwhich we know are like buttholes, everyone has one. God Bless you brother. I pray I never have to count on YOU to protect my family. Take care

  7. WOW. So heroic.. This isn't "fighting", this is Americans shooting at people's homes from a safe distance behind barricades of protection. They couldn't be much safer if they were sitting back at their homes..

  8. all i see are americans shooting homes "as usual" , it wasn't an engagement , most of the people watching haven't lived an engagement so they get fooled immediately by these """Heroic""" videos , there was no even 1 bullet coming from the other side , it was just americans shooting homes in fallujah after they bombed it with WP bombs which are prohibited , Thanks.   

  9. يراقب المسلمين يموت — المسلمين في العراق – أفغانستان المسلمين – الإيرانية المسلمين – المسلمين السورية، وجميلة جدا لمشاهدة معاناتهم وخاصة أطفالهم. أنا أحب سماع أطفالهم يبكون موتاهم الأمهات. وليس حزينا. في أسعد يوم في حياتي.مضحك جدا!

  10. Most of these extremists they were fighting in Fallujah weren't even Iraqi..there were a bunch of radical islamists from half the world gathered in Iraq. So I am thinking Islamists fought in Chechnya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and now they are in Syria. Man they must be running low on man power taking all these losses.

  11. على من تطلقون النار؟
    على شعبٍ فقيرٍ بلا مأوى بلا دار؟
    على أطفالٍ وعويلٍ ونساءأً يصرخن خلف الجدار؟
    وعنجهية البنادقَ والصواريخَ تهدمُ المساجد والجوامعَ بالنار؟
    سلاماً بلد الحُسينُ والفاروف وخضرةُ ألأشجار……..

  12. Korea? If you use this analogue you are way of. Last time i have checked you are still at war with them. You can delude yourself that in "the long run" when everybody is death one day it will be a prosporous country.. that's a fallacy. You went and murderd their for your own interest, oil and zionist interests. You can not fool other people like in america who are not really aware what the facts are. If you broke ass country didn't meddle so much in the world you wouldn't be so hated so much

  13. Its black and white not right and wrong where our differences lay. The true results come many years after the "protester" has laid down his sign. People were criticizing the Korean war after it ended but see it now and tell me if Good was done for many. We will wont be able to prove you wrong until many years from. Iraq will be a prosperous nation in the coming decades. As far as I'm aware, you provide nothing for US so reroute your criticism to your own shithole.

  14. The United States violated international law by attacking and invading a country on false premise, which is Iraq in 2003. And most importantly, the United States, in Iraq, has actually used nerve agent, mustard gas and/or white phosphorus in Fallujah and beyond, left depleted uranium all over the country in Iraq, ruined and destroyed the lives of generations as a result

  15. an american calling other people idiot and not educated, that will be the day. You sir are an typicall american brainwashed dumb and deluded by FOX, CNN and your zionist leaders. The ignorant rant is humorous. Can you spell Halliburton maybe? After 10 years still believing in the "good cause" of an illegal occupation, who is the ignorant now american idiot, by the way America is becoming a real third-world country

Iraq War – US soldiers fighting in Fallujah, extreme combat footage

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