RAW War Scene, not for the faint-hearted. Kids, please do not watch this

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This video is from live leak. It was initially believed to be footage from the attacks that are going on now.

I leave it up to you to make up your mind about what it is

The text on life leak was changed to the following:

Raw; (2005) Hamas Weapons Parade Accident Kills 15, including kids

CLOSE [X] Initially believed to be new footage from the current events in Gaza information has come to light that this media is in fact from 2005 although it seems to have only been released in this particular form recently.

Hamas parades weapons in Gaza, they blow up, killing 15, including kids
By israelinsider staff and partners September 23, 2005

Dead and wounded at the Hamas ral More..ly. Parading homemade weapons can be dangerous. (AP)

A pickup truck carrying masked militants blew up at a Hamas rally on Friday, killing at least 15 Palestinians and wounding 80, The PA Interior Ministry confirmed.

Witnesses said the truck carried homemade weapons, and Palestinian security officials said the blast apparently was caused by the mishandling of weapons. Hamas blamed Israel, saying Israeli aircraft flew overhead during the rally. Israel denied it was involved.

Seven of the wounded were in serious condition, hospital doctors said.

The rally was held in the Jebaliya refugee camp. Witnesses said participants crowded around the pickup truck carrying militants when the explosion went off. The witnesses said the truck carried homemade weapons.

One man, who only gave his first name, Hussam, said he helped pull three men out of the pickup, two dead and one man who was still alive, but had a leg severed. The side of the pickup was charred.

The witness said he saw five dead children nearby. Dozens of children were wounded in the blast. The Hamas military wing, Izzedine al Qassam, is popular with youngsters. When the pickup with the gunmen arrived at the rally, many children crowded around the vehicle.

After the blast, men carried bloody body parts and lifeless bodies wrapped in blankets to nearby cars.

The dead and wounded were taken to nearby hospitals. Doctors initally said they had a total of 56 wounded at two hospitals, but Hamas later revised the figure to 45 wounded. The toll was later revised upward again on Saturday, to 140.

At Shifa, doctors had to treat patients on the floor of the emergency room because they ran out of beds. Masked Hamas men wheeled in casualties, including children.



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  1. Who ever is saying the U.S and it's allies are purposefully killing civilians, obviously doesn't know why we are fighting terrorist or why we made the Geneva convention. Also if you think the war in the Middle East is for profit and oil, then you obviously don't know the West is trying to fight terrorist and we are training the Middle eastern army to take care of them so we don't.

  2. That's not a Hamas parade that's is a yiddish khazars Air strike on Hamas in Syria, fucking tribe of filth selling their satanic lies, worthless hook-nosed scum! Dopey here is a shill, the Catholic Church was created by the jooz, the jesuits are jooz!

  3. That is a cruel way to kill the bad guys between innocent people, they did not deserve to die this way, so many disrespectful people on here. You don't understand how bad things were if you was one of them.

  4. this video shows not only the evil that humans are obviously capable of, but if you watch closely, you can see the people helping, trying to help, and those who just wish they could help. please don't be the prior. only be the latter. that's what makes a "human"

  5. No!… this cant be real!?  Obama said "Cut it out", and put a red line in the sand.  Stop it now Syria!  Keep it up and you're getting a serious Time Out!   (Ok. We solved this problem.  Now lets politely ask Iran to quit this Nuke business or their grounded. That'll show North Korea!)

  6. I'm 10…this is just sad:(

    Things I hate=
    2.people hurt
    3.sad topics

    Too graphic cuz I fainted:/

    That's ok, I like cats:3;)



  7. I'm not saying any of this is okay. But here in America we live in the fucking matrix. We are told what to wear, what to watch, and what to believe. We have been assimilated into a false sense of reality. Anybody who has served will understand and can tell you, while we are complaining about the economy their are people surrounded by death and are fighting to stay alive everyday. We are spoiled as fuck and have no idea what type world we really live in. It's sick and crazy to those who are unaware, but to those who are exposed and desensitized it's just another day trying to survive in a world that's going to shit

  8. "If the existence of religion can only bring death" than i absolute the atheists….with no doubt we must change these belief as it brings nothing beneficial to the prosperous of mankind.

  9. I will never understand why people kill each other because they disagree with others opinions there is a saying "never has there been so much blood shed than that in the name of religion " get rid of religion an we will all get along

  10. Religion of Peace huh?
    Well…I'm not buying it.
    I bet the Jewish IDF spotters got a laugh from this one…
    Hey Schmoyo…
    Yeah Gabby?
    Did U see what just happened?
    Yes Schmoyo haha, saved us at least 40 bullets.

RAW War Scene, not for the faint-hearted. Kids, please do not watch this

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