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  1. حيش حر ههههههههه قصدك جيج كر كس خواتكم يا اولاد الشراميط يا خونة شفتو اشقد مفعولو قوي هالبوط العسكري السوري عاش الاسد وانتو يا جيج الكر هربتو متل الكلاب لتركيا واوروبا وهلا خواتكو عم بتشرمط بعد ما تقطعت اشلائكم وصارت اكل للكلاب با كلاب

  2. William lothander . the moment you realize your a little fairy boy. obviously you've never fought in a war… as an infantryman in the army, I can tell you, that shit doesn't work. means nothing, other than waste of fuggn ammo…. stick with topics your familiar with…extra large dildos.

  3. these guys are a joke. 1:19 "let's all take turns firing blindly around this corner", serious waste of ammo. I'm all for letting them kill each other off, but I don't think we can make the rounds fast enough. 1 kill per million shots is the name of their game. complete garbage

+18 SYRIA WAR Syrian Blood Compilation Part 2 La Sangre de Siria Compilac

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