(COMBAT FOOTAGE) Soldiers Engage Insurgents in Iraq

U.S. Soldiers from 1st Bat, 9th Inf. Reg engage in a firefight with insurgents in Al Anbar, Iraq on March 24th, 2007.


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  1. If anericans believe this war helped them in any way they are very wrong. Such an unnecesary war (they all are), but this war had no cause and its a shame so many innocent iraqis died, the entire infrastructure of Iraq was ruined and for what?

  2. Insurgents???!!! You are really don't know meaning of words.
    Lesson 1. They are just civilians of their Motherland.
    Lesson 2. Because you are invaders ruined their life.
    Resume: The video should be named "Fully-armed cowardly invaders engage poor civilians in Iraq" 

  3. I agree, but in this case, the Americans flew thousands of miles to attack a country to start a war so unnecessary, it didn't only hurt Iraq (who gives a shit about them, keepin it real), it hurt America. The ONLY people to blame are those who ordered for this war, and I don't need to spell those people out for you.

  4. Well what are we supposed to do, the jagaloons on the planes were muslim right… Well who are we supposed to fight? airplanes or who supposedly set up the attack? who were they do you know I do and they were not muslims.

  5. this is how a country bully another country! nice done USA, 60years bullyn people arround the world… i guess you need a lot of real 9/11 to get in your country and leave them alone

  6. Also what I hate is when a person makes a video about insulting Muslims but is put in jail. I'm not saying that's bad but I'm not saying its good either because in the end WHY are the Americans put in jail but those muslim extremists/terrorists/al Qaeda/Taliban who killed OUR Americans not dead or in jail

  7. What makes me cringe is the fact that most Americans who don't live in the now think that special forces operatives have the most kills out of any soldier. That's not true because when theyre carrying out a mission behind enemy lines or whatevere they're trying to attract the least amount of attention. Sure they use silencers, but they're not supposed to shoot unless they are a threat. The frontlines infantry men probably see the most action because they go directly to the engagement. The kills

  8. Exactly. Governments as they are today are a manifestation of the animal instinct to dominate and control others and advantage from this. You know how we look upon cavemen that hit others over the head with a bat as primal, brute and uncivlised? That's how humans will look at war mongering sheep like you, say, about 100 (300?) years from now.

    The Fed facilitates the invisible "inflation tax" which funds the wars. I doubt you'd be supporting these wars if you were taxed 80% of your income.

  9. Yes because all of those existed in the tribal lands of Africa, the tribes of American Indians and South America before European colonization, just because we can sort of reason does not mean that we are not animals at heart… War has and will exist for as long as humans have free will… btw what does the Federal Reserve have to do with global warfare?

  10. Of course Special Forces has it's aspects of safety which are safer then Infantry but, Even though you are highly trained you undertake very dangerous missions, which Balances it out. Overall Special Forces is a lot more dangerous.

  11. I might concider it. special forces is in a way safier then running on a battlefield since you know before hand where the enemy forces are or at least in what building they hide. but disarming a riged landmine attached to the chest of a scared iraqi kid you found in a random house feels more heroic then killing drug-dealing tangos in an abandoned places like shrewsbury or shannon park in nova scotia…all though…drug dealers ar not realy to be feared in canada.

(COMBAT FOOTAGE) Soldiers Engage Insurgents in Iraq

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