Iraq Fallujah – Intense Combat Footage Straight from the Frontlines (Graphic) (18+)

Intense Combat Footage with House to House Close Quarters Fighting, Straight from Operation Phantom Fury. Warning: Graphic


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  1. I remember the night raids we did in Iraq when I was in the SF's. I liked Iraq a lot more than Afghanistan because it was a city environment vs two guys shooting a dishka at you from 1000 yards away on top of a mountain then running away. We killed a lot of people in Iraq and that's how it had to be. The Air Force killed more people than anybody else in Afghanistan because they could find them a lot easier than boots on the ground. I have tons of war stories but I'll leave that for my book.

  2. I fought in Afghanistan in the early 2000 2002 I fought in Iraq and 2005-2006 went back to Afghanistan I say f*** you you don't know that they had kids that was shooting at us too

  3. I joined as a naive 17 y.o.Yet, I still believe in having my brothers backs. I was closer to some of those dudes than my own flesh and blood brother. Yet, unfortunately, I still experience racism at the hands of those in police uniforms. I have nothing but pride for all who serve, and have served. Its shameful to see our country regress, due to those that play on people's fears. A HOUSE DIVIDED SHALL NEVER STAND. AND WE ARE FAILING OURSELVES AS A NATION, REGARDLESS, RACE, CREED OR COLOR~

  4. Its Honorable To Not Kill Civilians In War, But It Is War, And You Definetly Don't Play By Any Moral Code Of Ethics When You Blow EVERYBODY UP, So I Say In The Heat Of Battle, Kill Them All!!!

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Iraq Fallujah – Intense Combat Footage Straight from the Frontlines (Graphic) (18+)

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