Iraq Raw Combat Footage Marine Ambush Zaidon

Footage of an ambush on U.S Marines and the ensuing firefight taking place in Zaidon, Al Anbar Province, Iraq.


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  1. There's a lot more going on in this video that you can't/don't know about, and some context to this firefight is needed.
    First off, this is my unit in the video, and can confirm that it was Easy Co 2/2 (yeah, I said Easy) in Al Zaidon 2005. Secondly, I can confirm that Kevin C was there and in this video, as it was his squad (2nd) that pushed out to this flank. We never much liked each other, but that's beside the point. He was my brother, for better or worse. If you're reading this, I hope you're doing well despite our dislike of one another.
    This wasn't a simple ambush. This was a coordinated, 6-hour IDF, RPG and machine gun/small arms attack on our patrol base, which was actually located right on the shore of the Euphrates (to the right in the video). They probed us twice 2 days earlier to test out where our big guns were (our .50 cal was pointed out across the Euphrates) and we had a 240 that could be displaced to whichever flank needed support.
    The attack began with IDF, just like the probe 2 days earlier. And also just like the probe, we pushed out to the flank in the video to ensure they didn't try to get inside our wire. 
    I pushed out to the flank shown in this video when they probed us, n can tell u that the reason they aren't staying in the prone is because you couldn't shoot at the enemy if u were in the prone. The ground dips down at an angle past the fenceline and leads to the village where the enemy was dug in, so their fire was actually coming "up" at an angle and going over the Marines' heads. And likewise, from the prone, your fire would be way too high and not effective at suppressing (you had to shoot "down" at an angle to be effective, hence why most Marines in the video are taking a knee). The Marine who was wounded in the video was actually hit by shrapnel from the RPG that you can see had impacted in front of him right past the fence line when he's on the ground.
    This video was the beginning of the firefight, which started at noon and ended at nightfall. After the Marine was hit, the 240 was displaced onto the roof of the building you see on the right in the video, and was used to suppress the attackers while another squad (1st) pushed out to the road on the left in this video (past the trail when the camera pans in that direction) to flank the attackers in the village. They engaged attackers attempting to flank from the road, then began receiving machine gun fire from the village as well (the attackers were doing a good job of protecting their flanks) so 1st squad broke contact and our platoon commander decided to call in rotary wing air support. The .50 cal was positioned on the roof of our main patrol base building (to the back right the video) and was used to suppress the mortar positions across the Euphrates.
    The Cobra's ensuing strafing runs and Hellfire missle shot killed the remaining attackers and ended the firefight right before dusk. My squad (3rd) conducted the BDA (Battle Damage Assessment) when the firefight ended, n we counted 7 enemy KIAs; 3 from the Platoon's small arms fire (1 in the road to the left, 2 in the field surrounding the village), and 4 by the Hellfire in the house they had dug into and set up the PKC machine gun positions. We didn't conduct a BDA across the Euphrates, and there were no enemy on the right flank (to the rear in this video).
    Anyway, just felt the video needed some context. The Marine who was wounded in the video was the only casualty. For those that genuinely care, and want offer condolences, the Marine who says "Doc, go back n get me a fucking 148" was the squad leader, and was killed in action approximately 30 days later by an IED (I was in the truck).
    To the political keyboard warriors: I have the greatest respect for all those willing to fight (including the enemy). The attackers died honorably fighting for their homes and what they believed in, knowing that they faced certain death at the hands of a far better equipped enemy. But all's fair in love and war. I'll not forget the sacrifices of my fallen Marine brethren, nor the sacrifices made by our enemies.
    Semper Fi

  2. Taylor Hobbs, we all lived in this video. He was shot but he's good now. For all of you posting disgusting remarks on this are ignorant as hell. We were just following orders. Anyone has a problem contact me. I was there I can back anything up!!!!

  3. god…I see NO REASON why they don't just give the A1 carbines to ALL of our reg units. It ain't vietnam for gods sakes…and we have victors that can carry ammo to where ever its needed. I'd rather have full auto than burst…despite those who'd argue burst is better…why? because auto can be used as burst as well. Panic aint an issue anymore from what i been hearing

  4. Most likely the Marines aren't using burst, we only had A4 anyway. The Corpsmen possibly could have been using it with their m4's. I think we were only allowed to use burst one time in any training I did with the grunts, and it wasn't actually training, it was just us wasting the rest of the targets we had.

  5. can you tell me if its full auto I keep hearing from both sides? I hear AR (M4) full auto fire the whole time w/ the AKs doing the same…can you help me find out if they are using the burst or A1 model now?

Iraq Raw Combat Footage Marine Ambush Zaidon

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