US Marines Firefight In Fallujah – AWESOME Combat Camera Footage! (Operation Phantom Fury)

United States Marine Corps


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U.S. Marines with RCT-1 (Regimental Combat Team 1), I Marine Expeditionary Force conduct combat operations and fire on the enemy during Operation Phantom Fury in Fallujah, Iraq, Nov. 10, 2004. Includes convoy, night fighting, Iraqi forces, fighting and firing machine guns, breaching doors with explosives, destroying enemy weapons, finding enemy cache, squad movements, throwing grenade in window, kicking in doors, intense gun fire. Footage shot by IMEF(FWD) Combat Camera.

AUTHOR: I Marine Expeditionary Force –
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Semper Fi.


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  1. First of we did not invade, fuckluja. we were sent to eliminate the insurgents, strong hold city. They called us out , we showed them who's the MASTER, in close quarter urban war fair. cpl United States marine. 1/2 3rd platoon.

  2. Somehow I ended up here by trying to find info about the rockets fired on Syria… Keep watching these videos because I have two coworkers who were both deployed to Iraq at the same time in different units that were based near each other. They talk about it sometimes and I guess I'm curious.

  3. yeah every kid addicted to call of duty dreams of combat. becoming the first kid on their block to get a confirmed kill. As a vet from the 173rd fought in Kunar OEF 8. Kids you have no fucking clue what you getting into. IEDs RPG and shit load of 7.62 flying past your dome. Stay in school kids

US Marines Firefight In Fallujah – AWESOME Combat Camera Footage! (Operation Phantom Fury)

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