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  1. In Finland we have very high respect for Iranian people when they fought their war and defended their country. Because unfortunately our country and many european countries gave military aid to Iraq and still they somehow got iraqis out their land. That is why everybody are afraid of Iran.
    And I don't really understand that why some people still think about the persian failed king? He used all his money to nonsense, I saw one document when he created " the biggest party in the world" to celebrate Curys the King. Meanwhile the whole country was lack of toilets and hygenia and food etc.
    There is a saying in Finland;
    If you want to sell your asshole to US, it does not mean that all of the people wants also sell their assholes
    -Finnish Activist
    Ass selling country as a example; Saudi-Arabia

  2. Same as todays wars. To fill the pocket of the greedy! I dont think there have ever been a war fought with other plans than obtaining more power than already aquired. The human nature fits nowhere into the balans of this world. Nothing we do is in accordance with the nature of this planet. We are placed here, evolution didnt get us here!


  3. Another senseless war.  The criminals who start the wars (politicians) never die in them, or get their legs blown off.  Stupid people in all countries listen to these cretins.

  4. Poor guys. If only they had real commanders and leaders, like the Shah. The Iraqi invasion would have lasted a day. Instead their lives were wasted by retards like Khomeini….

  5. Yes, Iraqs armed forces was made the 4th largest and best equipped and trained army in the world in year 1980 and was also given chemical and biological weapons by both of the Superpowers of the time U.S.S.R and U.S to make sure Iran's revolution is destroyed before Iran can find itself soon after the revolution. It took Iran literally with empty hands to break that army in 2 years and advance in to Iraq. Saddam was begging for a seize fire for the next 6 years after that

  6. Iran kicked Iraqs ass in this war. Fucking stupid arabs dont know shit. Iraq invaded Iran less than a year after they overthrew the Shah of Iran. Iran was under sanctions and arms embargo, Iraq was being supported the whole world, including America and England. Iran pushed the Iraqis out of iran and began attacking iraq. Mabey learn some basic information about what happened during this war you fucking idiots. Saddam used chemical weaoons supplied by the USA.

  7. Go to war with Iran and your soul will tell the spirits of the dead how stupid you were when you were alive. Iran will destroy you in seconds.
    Death to Harper regime.

  8. Lol? You were the one saying that Iran's so called "best tactics of the world" amazed military experts, now you better give me a article saying that shit because i dont believe it, I bet you just made that up. Haha you call taking 6 years to get a brokered down peace treay threw the UN power? I call it weakness and failure. Why wont you admit that both Iraq and iran sucked ass in the war and both achieve their targets for the war, and so both lost. Why are you so blind to accept that?

Defenders of Iran, Iran & Iraq war 1980-1988 (Real Combat footage)

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