EXCLUSIVE: First Ever Video Footage Of Russian Special Forces Eliminating Terrorists In Syria

Video is strictly for informational, documentary and educational purposes. It does not contain gore scenes or scenes of psychical violence.
In a first of its kind event, Russian television today showed what it says is the first footage of Russian special forces fighting on the ground in Syria.

Elite Russian units in Syria take part in search and rescue operations, assassinations of key rebel figures and coordination of air strikes, according to footage broadcast on state-owned channel Rossiya 24 on Sunday. Groups of heavily armed soldiers were shown coordinating sniper attacks, using robotic tanks and inspecting rebel corpses.

The presenter of the weekly news program said the footage was filmed in Syria but did not give details.

Russia first acknowledged the presence of its special forces in Syria during the re-capture of the city of Palmyra from Islamic State fighters in March, but it has provided no information on the number of deployed soldiers or their exact location.

The video shows more than 8 minutes of fascinating footage which reveals that traditionally the most impactful developments “on the battlefield” take place just behind the scenes.

And now we wait for similar footage from US special forces in Syria – after all, it is now effectively a contest – and hope that the Russian and US teams never “confuse” each other for the enemy. Meanwhile, watch – for the first time – how Russian special ops engage their enemies in Syria.
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  1. Slava in Veliki Slovenski Pozdrav za moje Angele Sonca brate Rassine iz Rossye/Sonce sija/Kresnik sija/Krisna sija<3 SLAVA SVETI TROJKI/TRIGLAVU SVAROGA, PERUNA IN SVETOVIDA<3 HURA HURA HURA PRAVDA IN SLOVENSKE ARIJSKE VEDE<3

  2. ..лицом не поворачивается. ТРУСЛИВАЯ ЛЕТУЧАЯ МЫШЬ, на любую мышь имееться сова, сова "спит" и маски не носит иногда специально обнаруживает себя))) а где сова,.во тьме И ВСЕГДА РЯДОМ. Мышь питается зерном ((какой нах вдв)) а сова хищник. Мышь привязана к "семье", "земле". А сова (волк,змея) у нас все семья, а имя семье: ЧЕСТЬ)) – W –

  3. I think the translator might be hammered . That is funny . Love to watch ISIS get turned into stew meat in any language . Have fun with all those virgins in heaven when the biggest piece of you weighs less than a pound .

  4. Don't mess with Russia.They screwed Germany all over in world war 2 something that the world never expected leading to the Soviet Union.They have still the best military

  5. fucking Americans goverment are just fucking around.. .. , pretending to. be the good guys ,but ,actually stalling progress.. because their main agenda is to keep that part of the world in a state of chaos. .war is good business . look what the american , british , french has accomplished. all those wasted lives lost on all side.. i hope and wish all your sins will be tally up when you meet your maker.

  6. Russia is helping a dictator that uses chemical weapons against his own people stay in power and then thinks it is ok to brag about it. What a bunch of morons. Hope they get there asses kicked out of there like in Afganistan.

EXCLUSIVE: First Ever Video Footage Of Russian Special Forces Eliminating Terrorists In Syria

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