Russian Spetsnaz assassinating ISIS members. Operational combat footage. War in Syria

The footage shows the operational combat footage of the real assassination operations against the ISIS terrorists made in 2016 in Syria. The operations were conducted by the Russian Spetsnaz SSO VS RF (Силы специальных операций, ССО). It has been reported that Spetsnaz SSO was used in operations at Palmyra, Aleppo and other ISIS controlled territories. Spetsnaz SSO VS RF (Силы специальных операций, ССО) is a specially created unit of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The Forces are a highly mobile, well-trained and equipped. Constant combat readiness special operations force is designed to perform specific tasks in order to protect the interests of the Russian Federation (with application of military force, by necessity), both within Russia and abroad, in peacetime and in wartime.


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  1. listen I was all for Russia and supported Putin and Russia until he showed aggression when some airstrikes took out isis.oh well we will see in the end.i hate this country myself it has become a leftist democratic cess pool with no balls to handle the Islamic invasion of this once great country.

  2. There is a saying 'you can't fight fire with fire' I wish we as human beings could talk about our differences and come to a peaceful decision. Sadly that can only happen with supremely intelligent and wise leaders who aren't power hungry, greedy,dominant people. It is my wish that we could just live together peacefully, support each other, care for our planet and realise we are all here for a tiny moment of time. So just appreciate our lives

Russian Spetsnaz assassinating ISIS members. Operational combat footage. War in Syria

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