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  1. @t328 well yes you are rite,back in my day the army only wore the camo retaining band.i still have my issue helmet's the m-1 and the psgt. thanks for your service had a good friend that passed last year he was drafted by the corps. back in 1969 he was 1st marine div. i was born at pendelton dad was navy.also thank you for your service,when did you serve?

  2. @TheAirsofter71798 lol… I have heard this from so many people ever since I returned from Iraq. I have a son (20yrs) serving in Afghanistan and another son (19) heading to Afghanistan also. I don't want everything to be free simply cause i served honorably in Iraq. I simply want our government to acknowledge my injuries and treat me with little more respect. Hope my sons do not have to go through what I've been put by the VA.

  3. @TheCinreds I agree, leaving Iraq before completley eleminating the taliban and freeing the country will mean all the soldiers who died will have died for nothing, we need to finish the job we started we dont need a soft president to pull us out before we are done, we are supposed to be a country that finishes what it started. What happend to all the political support we had at the beggining of the war?

  4. Yeah, although some of our population arrogantly doesnt show it, A LOT of Americans support the troops. It's just the assholes who dont that have the loudest voice unfortunatley. But keep the pressure on those jihad bastards! Dont let up and dont stop kicking their asses =)

Iraq War Combat Footage

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