Mosul combat footage: ISIS clashing with Iraqi government troops

Footage released by ISIS purportedly shows Islamic State militants clashing with government troops in Mosul.

The video cannot be independently verified. It is purportedly showing clashes in the Intisar neighborhood of the city on December 19.


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  1. A lot of these weapons are soviet, RPK, and standard AK were so widely produced you can probably get them and enough ammo for a dime a dozen. As for The AR, probably picked up off a dead US or Iraqi troop, or raided from a weapons cache.

  2. you never see them actualy in combat, its always shooting at FUCK ALL and they call themselfs soldiers, my arse, more like COWARDS. i hope im not the only 1 who feels this way about these parasitec child molesting raping scumbags.

  3. Have ever notice they don't have too my fighters … That mean they will die soon … Iraqi armies are legend and come like a storms that no one can't stop .. Even this pigs who called them Muslim ..

  4. Muslim language lesson:
    Hello: Allah Akbar!
    Goodbye: Allah Akbar!
    Nice to meet you: Allah Akbar!
    Good day: Allah Akbar!
    Lovely weather: Allah Akbar!
    I don't speak English: Allah Akbar!

  5. So any chance russia might actually attack ISIS capital city of Raqqa now that they are done trying to carpet bomb Aleppo into accepting the tin pot mass murdererer? It would be nice to see them actually attack ISIS for real instead of just pretending anyone they kill in carpet bombing is them

  6. Most of the fighting I've seen is very random.. People coming out of corners and shooting around..
    If Zion didn't have their back,  these pedophile drug-addict terrorists would be wiped out within the first two weeks..

  7. Some nice U.S equipment the boys have. Wonder how they got them?
    Ohh yeah U.S is fighting them soo hard lol, i bet Russian air cover and Syrian Arab Army would push those scumbags out of Mosul within 3 months this is gonna take over a year and without the Iranians helping ISIS would be in Baghdad by now

  8. they stand no fucking chance against Iraqi Army, they will be wiped out soon, unless us helps them again by making "mistake" and air strike the Iraq Army for the 19th time now maybe?

Mosul combat footage: ISIS clashing with Iraqi government troops

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