Combat Footage Of Operation Iraqi Freedom – Exact Location And Date Unknown – USMC

B-roll of Operation Iraqi Freedom. US Marines. Exact location and date unknown.

Combat Footage

Coordinated advance by marines and marine armor as well as air support from vipers.

U.S. Marine Corps in Iraq

Marine tanks and infantry engage enemy in Iraq.


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  1. Shot by CWO2 B. Sean Fairburn April 8 2003 after crossing into Baghdad at the deyalah river bridge. Shot in HD 108024P with a Sony F-900 the units were: Delta Co 1st Tanks, L 3/4, C Co 1st CEB, all from RCT7, (7th Marines) I know this because I SHOT this footage. Semper Fi

  2. This footage is most likely March 25th, 2003.  SE of Baghdad I think. 
    Mother of all sand storms made the sky look orange for several days. 
    Most of us Marines had Woodland MOPP suits over Tri-Color Desert Camo.
    Desert Digital had just come out a few months prior to the Invasion.  
    Most Marines did not get a chance to get Desert Digital prior to leaving CONUS. 
    I had both.  All of the Hummers in our unit were still Woodland Camo with no Armor. 
    My Hummer was a 1985 with no doors and a soft top with 1,200 Miles on it from a Maritime Pre-Position ship.  
    When I turned it in 4 months later it had 11,000 miles on it and was beat to a pulp. 
    I spent most of the war in small convoys up and down route Tampa. 

  3. Well i am from Iraq and i knew this place…it is called Al-Rostomea south east of Baghdad…this combat happened nearby Baghdad water treatment facility before one week from US tropes captured Baghdad International Air port (west)…and there was also near this place just one kilometer the Iraqi military college buildings…oh God i hate these days…USA destroyed our home land & after that USA handed over the Iraq to Al-Qaeda & terrorists and left…

  4. 0311 with India co. 3/5 – we all wore woodland MOPP suits for the first few weeks of the war, after Baghdad fell they let us burn them and wear our desert cammies. Some units may have been different, but we were all issued desert cammies and woodland MOPP suits.

Combat Footage Of Operation Iraqi Freedom – Exact Location And Date Unknown – USMC

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