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  1. the team leader that lead the massacre, he let his emotions took control and thats the problem with many soldiers. i was wrong i thought that the military changed after the vietnam war, but they are still the same.

  2. yeah i watched the movie to, and man they killed a bunch of innocent people, how would you just feel if these marines slauhters your entire family, if i was the guy that orderd to kill them all i would jump in font of a moving train to end my sorry ass.

  3. Fuck you and your mother fuck your bitch ass daddy i wouldn't mind snapping your wig back… Btw dumb ass its spelled decapitated learn spell properly before you talk shit to Americans because we have free education bitch

  4. brings me to tear. because i do this for the people of the united states and i think that everyone back in the states has my back. so unless you have sean combat don't say crap about it and that we just kill because we want to. and if you do i highly advise you not to! because you live in America and we bring you peace so that you can sleep at night. so just show some respect. thankyou-have a great life. ooraw

  5. nobody Knows what it is like to be shot at untail you have been. there are not enough words in the english vocabulary to discribe it. if you think that you can say that you can do better when your playing your vidio game or if you hunt then i say you can have my gun and we here will all see if you have the act that can back up your talk. For me i have been in FireFights and i have come out alive, but when i see people saying that i am a killer and do not bring peace to contrys that i fight in it

  6. @CTPJK If you weren't retarded then it would make sense to you. If there are people killing others and dirupting the peace accross the world, then the US Military is sent it to kill them and restore peace. You would understand if you weren't shat out by your mom and fed bleach coated battery acid your whole life.

  7. people are such fucking assholes. if marines like these guys werent doing this day by day, the fuckheads on here would be able to even comment on shit like this. calm the fuck down and learn to respect the brave men and women who die for you so that you can live your life in a free country.

  8. quite a fascinating scene. A lot of details that let you think about the situations they are in. At the beginning, the marine seems to be shooting randomly, but what he really was creating a presence that forced any attackers into cover. Then, we see them regrouping, gainibg higher ground and clearing the situation. In the end, we even witness a situational briefing.
    Well, this is how real warfare is like. Some shooting, a lot of moving and even more thinking ahead.

  9. @smallyb2009 really did the nazi's go to hati somalia bosnia and countless countries american military helps and american soldiers are like nazi's we americans help people more than any country on earth your not very well read if you think different

  10. @cocainKonvict10;I Would love an american bastard soldier to Try & spit in my face for calling him an evil Murdering bastard because it would give me an excuse to kick & punch his deranged head to a pulp,The only other Army that comes close to being as Mentally unstable as american soldiers are the Nazi,s,The only good thing to come from the illegal invasion of Iraq is knowing every sick Murdering bastard american soldier will burn in Hell for there sadistic,disgusting crimes.

  11. My father was a Marine in Vietnam, The Marines have my respect and so does every other military branch for the United States. None of these men are sissies, if our country needs defending, these are the men to come do it. They'll stand in front of a bullet for us. I might not know what exactly goes on in other countries, but from the looks of it. I rather be in America, I love it here and I will always support our country.

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