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  1. They don't take real video camera's into places with lots of iraqis, They take over-head cameras on their helmets but their not allowed to give things like that out, that's why people don't see much videos with real action…. i'm like you though, i want to see what they're actually doing when they're actually in action with them. There is a few videos from Overhead camera's but you'll be lucky if you find them

  2. @1282092 u fucking dumbass! The us is the country that helps out the other countries and all of these hippy fucks like you cant seem to understand we dont go to wars to kill innocent people and sometimes innocents are killed ya thats war it happens. And Osama bin laden was the ass hole who plotted 9/11 and he deserved to die. I hope he is burning in hell where you should be u dumb ass towel head! GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF FUCKIN AMERICA!!!!!

  3. Americans are the real terrorists, they kill hundreds of thousands of innocent people in iraq,afghanistan,vietnam.yet these ignorant americans think they own the world regardless of how many lives there soldiers take. 9/11 was an obvious inside job used to invade middle eastern countries to take their oil and setup pipelinez, and yet i see these idiots cheering on the streets when news of osama's death comes in. how many more wars usa gunna start? how many more innocent lives will be taken?

  4. All of this………….. was because Iraqs leader at the time, Didn't agree to conform his beautiful country into a Mc Donald's serving brainwashed society. Terrorists are Freedom fighters basically.


Rare Iraq War CNN Footage

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