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  1. Unless you have spent time on a battlefield for any extended period of time, I do not believe most of you would know what it's like knowing your life could end at any moment. Alot of comments here sound so very ignorant. They were obviously full of fear, but trying to operate as best as they could under extreme stress.

  2. It is so crazy how we can see live combat on youtube and see how scary it is. Every second these poor soldiers are scared for their lives. Thirty years ago civilians had no idea what war was like and now they can see the fear first hand. I have a lot of respect for any soldier in the U.S. God Bless our Troops 

  3. And i mentioned that in my original comment. I mentioned the fact that the military is filled with 22 year old kids who go through a 6 month basic training course and think they are ready for real combat and ready to confront men like the Taliban, AL-Qaeda and others who have been fighting for years.

  4. Great, but we are not talking about reasonableness or economics here. I was referring to "proper military tactics" when it comes to CQC which in this video these man lack greatly. That's all i was saying. People are just so quick to the defend the military at any cost that they fail to see the many mistakes made.

  5. I don't know if you have a position to talk on the bravery of these men. You yourself agree that the insurgents had that house locked down. It's in times like these, when your life is in peril that you can't help but be MORE than cautious.

    In the end it was made apparent to the commanding officer of those men that the pile of concrete that those insurgents where holding was not worth the lives of his men, on account of ideals like "bravery". Economically speaking, it was more reasonable.

  6. You make a valid point, but the Marines did use the stairs to get down into the house. What i don't like is the way they seem too unsure about how to effectively clear the house. Maybe it speaks to the lack of CQC training they have.

  7. Tactics? What tactics? all they did was run for their lives. They displayed no tactics or teamwork whatsoever. They completely ran away with their backs turned to the target and if they idiots they were after had any kind of real training themselves, they could have picked those marines one by one instead of just hiding inside and foolishly screaming "Allah Akbar".

  8. But I never disputed you. I only said Marines, being a traditional frontline force, isn't trained or equipped for CQC urban combat. What they're prepared for is in a more traditional sense, to handle North Korea or the opening fight with Iraq.

  9. You are saying essentially what i have been trying to convey to you. A traditional type of Army or military for that matter with tanks, battle ships, aircraft carriers, super stealth jet fighters and bombers will always lose a war of insurgency. That isn't the way to fight that type of war. This isn't WW1 or WW2 where you had traditional armies going up against other armies. Today you have groups of fighters like the Taliban, AL-Qaeda and others who play the hide and seek game to perfection.

  10. true but SFOs aren't typically frontline unlike marines and rangers, and their training includes CQB engagements. In a traditional sense, an army can't handle insurgency because thats not their purpose. To deal with an enemy like the Taliban, Al Qaeda, and the likes really requires people along similar lines of SWAT or Delta Force training. Marines acting as military police is as effective as asking a chef to fill in as a baker, same general occupation, completely different training set.

  11. You make a valid point, but it's bullshit. According to the US State Department, the single most dangerous threat America faces is "Global Terrorism" initiated by an enemy, AL-Qaeda, Taliban, Hezbollah and sorts, who fight for no flag and only a certain cause, That's what the US Gov. identifies as its most pressing threat not necessarily other "Armies". And the way you fight this new kind of war is with small and highly trained Special Forces such as; SEALs, Delta Force, Green Berets & so on.

  12. Its stupid yes and the Cold War has been long over for what? 30 years? But its not to say it can't happen even in our life time, we're seeing lots of regional conflicts that has the potential to draw in other world powers igniting WW3 even now. But most major world power do remember history like how ill-equipped they all were for WWII. Most frontline soldiers right now are preparing for a potential WW3 vs dealing with small regional conflicts to avoid those past mistakes.

  13. It is quite evident that these guys are ill prepared to deal with the threat they face. It is stupid in a sense to train your military for an encounter, such as US military vs Russian Military or Chinese Military, that would never happen anyway. The 3 countries are way too powerful to fight one another given the threat of "Mutual Assured Destruction". Basically the US military as a whole is ill-equipped to deal with today's current threats. You're not going to win Guerrilla warfare with Drones.

  14. its hard to clear rooms in close quarters with those long 16" + M203. I don't think marines are taught CQC given what they're typically outfitted, most major military powers train to deal with other major military power as opposed to an insurgency and urban combat. Essentially, these guys are doing what they were trained and their training didn't prepare them for Iraq but for say Russia and North Korea, thats a different story.

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