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  1. that shyte waznt all that, got mad luv 4 tha U.S. soldiers but these guys in this vid r 2 scaed n 2 fidgety, seems now a days their not that brave, their tactics were very sloppy n uncordinated. wheres all that #1 supposed military training @.

  2. what people dont realize its not the people of america that hate other countries its our government so fuck what you think we show mad love to everybody regardless of what you think. AMERICA A.K.A AMURDICA

  3. You fucking fag Americans soon you'll be fucking crying and pants to shit in the world you have to have a raschitatsya debt fagots! Iraqi and shorts you guys have already given by sucking dick

  4. Everything seems extra difficult for US soldiers. Maybe they blow things out of proportion because they lack a good sense of perspective. These soldiers are not cool under fire at all. They lack the mentality to be tactically superior. All they can do is rush with tremendous firepower. It makes it easy to make mistakes. A lot of mistakes have been made and this video explains why.

  5. So then until that time happens, you plan to just ignore the world around you? I pray, man. LOL I even go to church, but I plan to LIVE and SURVIVE until He arrives. And when this country crashes all of those people in prison will be out in the public. I don't recall reading we are to pray and read the bible and never prepare physically for things of this world. Quite the opposite. The Bible also says not to test God, as mentioned in the Story of Jesus in the wilderness.

  6. So Rapture comes in, what, 2013 now? 2014? Or maybe 2016 on election night? I never saw anything in the Bible that told me a date, so I will do as the Israelite s did before they left Egypt, prepare for a long, hard road ahead. How many times on this Earth has Man looked to the heavens and thought "This is it, this is the end, Jesus is coming now"? Think they thought of this during WWII at any time? How about during the Plague? Far better to keep praying, but get ready for a really shitty life.

  7. Lists have come out, in news and such. Bomb, terrorist, Constitution, God, and many many other words get you flagged by NSA pukes (Fuck You NSA! Suck it). No full list, but enough to understand that it's basically anything and everything can get you flagged for scrutiny. Yes, we've our laws that get people arrested, but the bigger reason why our jails and prisons are overloaded is because of that corruption. Look at No Fly Lists! THAT's freedom as well. Right? Too much BS IMO.

  8. REALLY!!!! The NSA and HLS telling us what words we can say and what we can't, otherwise we'll be incarcerated is FREEDOM??? "Free Speech Zones" is FREEDOM? We have so many incarcerated in America because IT'S A BUSINESS! PRISONS get money for beds filled, so the more you have in prison, the more money you make. This is why petty drug crimes have a 20 year sentence but child rape gets you out in 3-5! Quit being ignorant! I love America too, but I'm not stupid enough to believe the wholesome BS

  9. Americans don't hide we take cover. those two r very different things. and Iraqi didn't kick us out we are still there. training their stupid asses same thing for Afghanistan. and its not Afghanistan we cant control its Taliban you stupid fuck shut the fuck up. your embarrassing yourself

Iraq War Raw Combat Footage

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