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  1. To all the morons here saying Americans are terrorists and the like: I WISH we could terrorize Muslims like they have civilization for centuries. I WISH we could burn every Quran, Muslim, and sympathetic libtard in the world and forbid anything to do with it. We can't thanks the AMERICA'S PCness. America has been destroying terror groups, toppling dictators, and HELPING CIVILIANS AND COUNTRIES DEFEND THEMSELVES for you sorry goat humpers. And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out- Quran 2:191.

  2. the only countries in the world that has cheapest human lives is Iraq and Afghanistan . This is because Muslam and Islam prefer Violence . Buddhism never uses violence to solve hatred . But Love and mind do .

  3. Good day. This is Katrina Manalang, a researcher from Rated K, a news magazine show of ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corp. in the Philippines. I would like to ask for permission if we can use the video of Battle of Fallujah -Iraq War for our video support in our segment about Feng Shui Predictions. We will just acknowledge the one who uploaded the video by putting courtesy in our upstream. We are hoping for your favorable response. You can send your feedback through my e-mail [email protected]

  4. I don't see why people hate what we're doing in Afghanistan. We're in there fighting the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Why would we kill civilians? It doesn't make sense. Also, the title is a bit flawed. The war on terror is occurring in Afghanistan and only Afghanistan, Iraq is another story.

  5. @MIKE516912 9/11you blame the Muslims and the Middle east?
    And when you went to my country and kill civilians and then you call yourself hero?
    Maybe your comment get many thumbs up! but that's because in your country they don't know what's going on. In my country we are to busy to sit behind the computer and spread hate between Muslims, jews or christians. We like the people who like us, and forgive the people who hurt us. that's because we trust in god, and everything gonna be alright some day

  6. MIKE516912: Don't get back to 9/11 to make your point. Before USA started the war agains IRAQ there were no terror in Iraq. Terrorism came in to Iraq when the war started. or not war, when the terrorism from the USA. because we can't cal this war. USA began a war that was never theirs to began with. And USA is the biggest terrorism group in the world. USA will be earsed from the face of the earth sooner or later!

  7. @infidelforlife shame you wrote that 1 year ago, because now, 2011, i see that the USA is definitely not having a good time fighting "Terror".

    And as for the soldiers in Iraq, oh wait, they ran away back to their land, just like in 1973 in Veitnam, DEFEATED AGAIN YOU FOOL

    Oh and as for your "death follows Islam by the millions" = Let me remind you it was the Christians who murdered 1,000,000 Native American, 6,000,000 Jews oh and 60,000,000 people in WW2 oh yea and 10.000.000 in WW1 .

  8. @infidelforlife oh yea, shame you wrote that 1 year ago, because now, 2011, i see that the USA is definitely not having a good time fighting "Terror".

    And as for the soldiers in Iraq, oh wait, they ran away back to their land, just like in 1973 in Veitnam, DEFEATED AGAIN YOU FOOL

  9. Hey man, i got to admit this video was good (real good) – IF U R An IDIOT

    Why didn't you show any of the footage of the Marine soldiers captive ?

    Why didn't you show any footage of the Juba Sniping those countless cowards calling themselves "soldeirs" marines ?

    Why didnt u show any of those videos where the American weaponry fails, like a whole tank randomly falling to peices,

    oh i know the answer to all these question – because this video is propaganda.
    Have a good day 🙂

  10. @infidelforlife What's incredible is that a massive ammount of money poured in the World's most powerful army can't defeat a couple of goat herders…
    Also, the Soviet Union (wich didn't have any public opinion problem!) even got their asses kicked but these guys.
    What the Hell's wrong!?!
    Why can't they be defeated once and for all?

  11. we are fighting for what our government started we are fighting just to make them make money off of us yea sure u know we get paid for it but we must suffer mentally and phcycalogically for the rest of our lifes just for our government to make a bigger buck to set shit up they pay us the litte scraps off of the top and they take the rest all they do is sit back and watch us fight as they make the money its fucked up im all for america but fuck the government

  12. @jtrolinger ur retarded fool, you clearly dont have a fucking clue what your talking about the Taliban were the Afghan regime not the Iraqi which was clearly Saddam Hussein. Idiot. It shows you nothing of the conflict and just another uneducated retard with an opinion. yeh the money spent rebuilding iraq and afghanistan, just spending a little of the oil money skimmed off the top, its not like we're actually paying for it, they are. Open your fucking eyes!

  13. Boys at there best. All U NON FREE PEOPLE. With this bollocks idea that iraq and afghanistan is a lie and a waste of time and money , hold ur head in shame. If it wasn't for soldier's like these you'd be speaking GERMAN or other shite languages

  14. How on earth is the Iraw war part of the war on terror?
    1. There were no terrorists in Iraq (before US Invasion at least) – Terrorist groups were threats to Saddams regime and were repressed.
    2.There never were any WMDs

    Also the war in Iraq could have been justified if they removed a dictator and improved the country but the Americans made the situation worse by not implimenting any kind of infastructure in the months following the defeat of the Iraqi Army.

  15. What is terror? Terror is war and death, and those two have no country or flag.
    For an action theres a reaction and the horror show goes on.
    Humanity is just a grain of sand in earth timeline and we will perish because we carry the seeds of destruction. WHAT A WASTE!
    I think ignorance is the root of all evil
    Peace and good videos!
    Citizen of the world

  16. i don't know where in the hell you come up that we lost the war on terror the last i checked we was sending them jihad terrorist to hell and business is good …….. then you talk about the USA falling like the USSR did don't get your hopes up dipshit…… then you say we like killing humans lol you sound just like one of the muzzies on here talking your garbage you need to clean around your door step where islam goes death fallows by the millions …….

  17. We have visual now! Looks like one of the moderators grew a pair! I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and say it might have been in processing, but it was 3 hours between the first comment and mine (adding comments isn't available until after processing)… I doubt it was a connection issue, cause all the other vids on my received list played fine…

war on terror in iraq and Afghanistan

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