ALEPPO BLOODY BATTLE- Close Combat House to House – Syria Iraq war +(18)

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  1. Мне непонятно, почему миллиарды людей хотят жить в мире и дружбе и ненавидят войну, но несколько сотен людей вдруг организовывают очередную мировую войнушку, и всё человечество начинает убивать друг друга. Почему? Чтобы эти несколько сотен властьпаразитов стали ещё жирнее.

  2. the whole world know the russian is not really bombing isis but the rebel that hate isis dictatorship like forced the people to submit to isis and bashar assad dictatorship like forced the people to worship him as god which is insane, you can google it. bashar assad regime is getting weaker because lots of its territory is being taken by rebel army while some by isis. right now the rebel were hit hard by three force the russian, isis and bashar assad regime and a lot of rebel territory is a big city like aleppo that is why the russian and bashar assad regime dont care if a lot of civilian are getting killed as well, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that this is a civil war and the russian is just a mercenary payed by oil of bashar assad regime.

ALEPPO BLOODY BATTLE- Close Combat House to House – Syria Iraq war +(18)

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