Battle not over: Syrian Army fighting ISIS in Deir ez-Zor

Footage released by Syrian Central Military Media shows SAA fighting ISIS in Eastern city of Deir ez-Zor


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  1. Putin is guilty of war crimes as are his cohorts like the desperate despot ding dong Assad, for the sake of hundreds of thousands of life’s theses men along with the war criminals in Iran ,supported , Assad refused to step down because of fear of the courts ,, with the backing of Russia and Iran , is it all a Zionist plot to shield Israel from those they fear, evidence is mounting to support that possibility fuck rt and the dogs screw to perform on there news out let

  2. There always will be war – the US economy relies on it. All those foot soldiers involved (from either side) ought to know the Bankers & Military Industrial Complex are rubbing their hands with glee. wakey wakey

  3. Russia: use your super computer for nuclear war simulations, THE ameriKKKans are permanently setting up bases around the world, because THEY ARE PLANNING a Real nuclear pre-emptive attack on your homeland, not so far into the future.

    the ameriCUNT strategy is to create vassal states/puppet states armies, aka cannon fodders…….. and also create NEW TARGETS for russia to shoot nuclear missiles in retaliation……….. there will be anti-icbm missile systems and offensive nuclear icbm missile systems in EACH OF THE NEW CONQuERED countries, NEW vassal countries, like ukraine, estonia, probably finland and then , poland, romania, georgia……. turkey, saudi arabia, israhell, qatar, and in parts of africa, at their AFRICOM bases.

    * the ameriCUNT people don't give a fuck about $20 Trillion dollar debt, $1,000 Trillion dollar debt, whatever the numbers, they PRINT their money from thin air without NOTHING to back it up, and thus inflating their currency to whoever is holding the dollar…….. their fake federal reserve bank will keep rolling the debt over and over to INFINITY***
    * their objective is to be WORLD DOMINANT super power, complete control of politics, military, economic, religion in every country on earth, and that means war against russia, china, iran ***, ONCE THESE 3 countries are dead or conquered, who the fuck is going to force the ameriCUNTS to pay back their debt/?? IF THEY OWN the world with a gun to it's head? — think about it, if i am the only guy with a gun to your head, but i owe you money…….
    and i tell you, i am NOT going to pay you back the money i borrowed……. what the fuck can YOU do about it>? NOTHING.
    absolutely NOTHING, there's nothing you can do about it if YOU loan someone money, and they are the only one who have a big gun and tells YOU NO!………. THIS IS WHAT ameriCUNT global hegemony is all about……

    the purpose of having 1,000 bases worldwide is to FORCE RUSSIA to defend itself against 1,000s of incoming nuclear missiles from 1,000 bases…. thus forcing russia to SHOOT their nuclear icbm missiles at each of these countries,
    and THESE "throw-away countries", of no importance, will eat up russian nukes and die….. but at same time,
    these countries will also shoot defensive icbms against russia…….. when russia launches it's icbms.

    so it's not just about ameriCUNT submarines off the coast of russia, china,
    not only the U.S ships off the coast of russia, china.

    they all will be shooting nuclear icbm missiles at russia and china home soil + the 1,000 bases worldwide,
    and don't forget ameriCUNT homeland, their missile silos…… they too will shoot icbms into space and landing back into earth
    over russia, china airspace.

    this is TOTAL WAR.

    the reason is simple = if ameriCUNT people cannot rule the world by defeating russia, china
    they will take the whole world down with them.

    they will kill each and every human on earth by attacking the chinese, russian homeland, and FORCE a unconditional surrender.

    just like they did to Japan.

    this psychotic strategy is the REAL DEAL.

    as i told you russians before at the begining of syrian 'civil war', i said, it's NOT a civil war.
    and i said these jihadists will go back to their countries, mostly in russia, china, which have millions of muslims in each country……… trying to destabilize and create internal war using religion as a 'DIVIDE' strategy to create chaos,
    and then weaken russia, china.

    at the very minimum, these jihadists go back to russia, china to CREATE real terrorism, no c.i.a needed.

  4. It'll be interesting watching the developments with the Kurds. It seems the U.S. democrats' plan was to see Balkanization of the region with the Kurds playing a major role. I wonder what the Trump administration makes of that plan. I can see some legitimacy to the Kurds' claim for a nation state, but it would be real shame to see more bloodshed over the territory after all this. The Kurds may yet become the bad guys, with U.S. backing of course.

  5. Freaking Zionist destroyed that country. When are we going to stop fighting for Isreal's interest. Trump should send Israel the bill for the US military involvement like he threatened the Japanese, Chinese, and the South Pacific he was going to do. If we are fighting for our interest… Where are our Spoils of War?
    Putin would totally disappoint me if he didn't collect for Russia for this effort in Syria. Hope to God he is not kissing the Zionist Asses also.

  6. The USA will pay for this and it will be gruesome. The American people themselves are so hated right across the world. They all have something incredibly sick about them, they've not done anything about their own countries terrorism and they actually believe it's not down to them! it's unprecedented throughout history for ANY countries people (apart from Nazi Germany) to remain so silent and in compliance with their illegal murdering government.

Battle not over: Syrian Army fighting ISIS in Deir ez-Zor

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