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  1. You know as an American I cannot help but be fascinated by this war (Of course we helped start it, Latin America and the Muslim world view the USA similarly to the way Eastern Europeans (meaning Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Finns, Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians, etc…) view Russia). After all we were supplying both sides with weapons. You all know that the Iranians tested our equipment for us right? Quite a lot of our Cold War military hardware was used only in the Middle East either in one of the Arab-Israeli Wars or in this war. It was the only conflict where both sides used Ballistic missiles against each other (to this very day Scuds are really the only Ballistic missiles used on the battlefield in any substantial quantity). And it was the only war where there were helicopter dogfights. British tanks met Soviet tanks, as Iranian Tanks and Iraqi Tanks; and American fighter planes met Soviet and French fighter planes as Iranian fighter planes and Iraqi fighter planes. To say that this was a proxy war would strike me as simplistic given that both us and the Soviets aided both sides. This was like a late cold war version of World War I and as horrific as the human cost was and can't help to be fascinated by its history. Like World War I it was also started for no purpose whatsoever and ended without changing much of anything besides killing people and sowing the seeds of other conflict. I wish I could say that another war like this one won't happen again (Syria and Iraq right now are also bloody, but different) but I know I can't be so sure.       

  2. @thomcat1991 Yeah because Israel has many nuclear nukes, that's why. That's the irony, they will go at war against Iran because of the so-called iranian fabrication of atomic weapon.. I personally find it funny. It wouldn't been a problem if Iran was trying to make atomic energy during Shah era. I don't wan't to be misunderstooded I have no hate toward jews nor americans but in this question…Iran is right.

  3. Iraq won the war and Iran lost. Iraq had no allies but Iran did and we still won. Iraq is the greatest country in the world and always will be. Iranians are just a bunch of uneducated pigs. Iraqis are the gods of this world therefore everybody should worship us and that is all true because I said so.

  4. @Orthodoxcrusader
    cobras were sold to Iran before the revolution, not during the Iran-Iraq war. Iran was boycotted by the west.
    We had no choise but to defend ourself against the World Imperialist and their barking slave Saddam. It was a difficult war, in which Iranians also became victim of mass destruction weapons such as nerve gas.
    However, thanks to the culture of martyrdom and resistance, which is a state of cultural superiority, we cut off the arm of the invaders and in turn invaded them!

  5. @Orthodoxcrusader
    A butter Knife >? Old enough ? you know me ? dont speak of what you dont know I can tell by all your bable that you dont know shit about Iran war or Iran for that matter go to sleep sheep, stop repeating what you watch in A documentry.

  6. احنه مشينه .. مشينه .. مشينه .. للحرب
    عاشك يدافع من اجل .. محبوبته .. محبوبته .. و احنه مشينه للحرب
    هاذه العراقي .. العراقي .. العراقي .. من يحب
    يفنه ولا عايل يمس محبوبته .. محبوبته .. و احنه مشينه للحرب

  7. @USB740 at the end iraqi ppl who lost? loool and iran beocme the worlds strongest fuckin country.? -__-
    loool lilbitchassmotherfucker….. more than half MILLION iranien died and iraqi ppl lost? how about ur ppl did u forget them? true many iraqis died.
    u just act like a typical mentaly retarded iranien and show no respect to even ur own ppl
    u cunt

  8. Firstly we crapped on the Iraqi (many of them much more afraid of the mad dog Saddam than of us, they deserted very easily, 70,000 Prisoners!!! They were scared as hell inside Iran N even when we entered Iraq, they showed zero moral or motivation much like the cowardness your showing here), then it was Saddam's turn to crap on the Iraqi people between 1988 and 1991, and finally it was US turn in 1990-91 + thruout the entire 90's + 2003. Anyway you look at it, it was the Iraqi people that lost!

  9. @komigennufan Hey, look who crawled out of the shit hole, it's a stinking savage Arab (commonly known as a lizard eater). A traitor to his own country, he is wasting his time here on Youtube while the barren wasteland that is now Iraq is getting ripped apart by Americans. If you are man enough, then go and fight to save what's left of your miserable country, or are you too scared, little mouse! Ha Ha ha =))

  10. @komigennufan Oh dear, your head is so empty it howls in the crosswind, little child. I punished your uncle for his crimes – he is burning in hell with Saddam. Now, why is a coward little mouse like you hiding outside of his country? I suggest you go back to the sewer that is now Iraq and free your country of occupation, your family is getting fucked by US servicemen. Look where Iraq is – it's in the toilet! Iran is the regional superpower! "Take it as a man" that's what you do – up the ass.

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