Syria War 2017 – Battle of al-Bab | FSA and Turkish Forces Heavy Fighting Around al-Bab

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*DISCLAIMER* This footage is part of an war archive of the war in Syria and should be viewed as educational. This footage is also to be taken as a raw documentary on the events of the conflict in Syria. This footage is not meant to be violent in any way. I am only sharing this footage for the purposes of news reporting and educating. I also want to share this footage for: news reporting, sharing important information with the public.

War in Syria – FSA Fighters with Turkish Forces During Clashes Around al-Bab

The Battle of al-Bab includes a military offensive launched by Syrian rebel groups (including groups affiliated with the Free Syrian Army) and the Turkish Armed Forces north of al-Bab in the Aleppo Governorate, and a separate Syrian Democratic Forces offensive east of the city. The northern operation intends to capture al-Bab from the Islamic State as part of the Turkish military operation in Syria.

Al-Bab is a town administratively belonging to the Aleppo Governorate. Al-Bab is located 40km northeast of Aleppo, 30km south of the Turkish border, and has an area of 30 square kilometres (12 square miles).

In December 2016, following the fall of Aleppo to the Syrian government with assistance from Russia and Turkey, al-Bab came under renewed attack by Syrian rebels backed by Turkey.

The rebels moved their focus from the western countryside of al-Bab so to avoid confrontation with the Syrian Democratic Forces, and launched an assault against the Islamic State north of al-Bab.

Rebel forces managed to enter the northern outskirts of al-Bab, but were facing stiff resistance.

After failing to penetrate al-Bab from the north or west, rebel and Turkish forces started assaults from the east. On 8 January, Turkish-backed rebels captured Um Adasa and Makri Hill near Bizaah. The next day, the rebels once again advanced near Bizaah, capturing Zammar and Asfar Tepe. With these advances, the rebels were attempting to flank al-Bab from the east. Still, in the period between 1 and 14 January, the rebels made eight attempts to capture the nearby village of Al-Suflaniyah, with all of them being repelled. At one point, on 13 January, the rebels managed to capture Suflaniyah temporarily, but had to retreat from it after an IS counter-attack.

The Syrian Army launched an assault led by Tiger Forces on 17 January from the south, capturing a village to the south of the city. The United States Armed Forces meanwhile stated that they had carried out airstrikes against ISIL near al-Bab. Russia and Turkey meanwhile carried out their first joint airstrikes against ISIL, targeting it in suburbs of al-Bab.

Battle of al-Bab continues.

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  1. 14:32 saniyedeki kolu beyazlı adama bakın adam ameliyatlı kolunda ilizarov vidaları var bu vidalar kemiğe kadar takılı ülkede 3 milyon suriyeli var çoğunun durumu bu adamdan iyi ama burda dilencilik yapıyolar adam vatanı için savaşıyo helal olsun ne diyim başka Türkiye içerdeki suriyelileri eğitip göndersin savaşa

  2. I have only seen 2 Turkish soldiers a turkish Leopard 2A4 and a M60T Sabra the rest are FSA fighters and some other minority's trying to repel oppresive ISIS forces. Turkey should have never helped the FSA anyways i love my country and Army and hope that the syrian war will be over and that there won't be any more problems. Except that the USA is trying to steal Syrian and Iraqi lands. Turkey in yhis conflict has only done good things! Turkey and Russia imposed Cease fire zones where the FSA and the Syrian army cannot fight these cease fire zones allowed the Syrian army to send more troops against ISIS and Russia Iran could also benfit from that and thats how ISIS has lost lots of terrain. And thet have taken millions of Refugees something richer countries like the KSA hasn't done Long Live Syria fuck all terrorists! Turkey is an Ally of the Russians and Syrians!

Syria War 2017 – Battle of al-Bab | FSA and Turkish Forces Heavy Fighting Around al-Bab

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