New footage US Coalition Airstrike against ISIS in Syria + other recents released by DoD.

July 18, 2016 the US Department of Defense has released new footage of a US Coalition Airstrike that allegedly killed 5 ISIS Fighters in Manbij, Syria. This is to back the US Umbrella Organization “SDF” (Syrian Democratic Forces) that have Manbij surrounded. SDF is made up of 80% YPG Kurdish Fighters, supported by US Airstrikes. DoD doesn’t provide more info. MORE AERIAL STRIKES BELOW:

– Aug 3, 2016 British RAF Bomb ISIS Headquarters, Former Saddam Hussein’s Palace:
– Chinese CH-4B UAV of Iraqi Air Force Strikes ISIS in Fallujah, July 2016:
– Russian Airstrike destroys ISIS Armored Convoy:
– Russian Aircraft destroys ISIS Munitions Depot:

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  1. Americans target insignificant convoys.because America supports isis.thats why they are shelling the Syrian posts that mother of all bombs was just for show.did it finish Isis? America is fighting mock war.the real true fighting is done by the Russians.

  2. US intelligence has been breached. The people striking the targets are put under the impression that they are hitting terrorist cells when they are actually hitting civilians and groups that are working against ISIS. The same deep state operatives working for US gov that funded ISIS are using American resources to protect ISIS and kill anything that opposes them to clear the way.

  3. why are you using bomb on country that doesn't even have airforce or a real army everybody have fun with this fake war but the people in Syria so much firepower for what when you have a real army you can send in no fighter bomber your killing people who nothing to do with the fight because this aint war it abuse of power

  4. do ground troops call out enemy locations? I heard of a bombing of a hospital which was a direct hit. also another hospital parking lot and Pentagon admits "that may have killed civilians" I hope u guys clear the country of Isis scum but please.. beware of the innocent and work to perfect your AIRSTRIKES. TY

New footage US Coalition Airstrike against ISIS in Syria + other recents released by DoD.

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