Syrian Civil War – Footage Compilation – 2012

After searching through youtube for a couple of weeks I’ve put together this compilation of footage from the ongoing civil war in Syria, displaying some of the things that is currently happening over there. I hope you find it interesting!


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  1. Damm Arabs they not killing each other fast enough and its funny how they keep saying god is great news flash Arabs god don't like you and you sure will go to hell stank ass arabs

  2. They use religion as motivation so the new recruits don't fear death. There's been conflict in that land for a while now. The Taliban stated "If America leaves, we'll drop our guns" and most natives in the middle east claim "things were fine before the foreign occupations". My point is they are not idiots, they are people. War is when one side fail to see the other as human beings. No idiots on either side, just blind people.

  3. Muslim in syria suffering for long time, i will did same thing like FSA to protect our people from assad dog, shia is not part of muslim, they are kuffar, killing muslim make them go to heven like shia scholar says…

  4. @superanimationer are you stupid. It doesn't matter! All that matters is the fact that there are untold amounts of death due to all types of religions. The Jews kill Palestinians in the name of their "holy land" is that not in a sense "in the name of god" you can never pinpoint Islam or any religion as many people die from all religions.

  5. lolololol,, i dont know what others religions are but only muslims shout *allah* when they kill someone. Christian have 10commanders so they dont kill in name of god,Or when they shot. Just look at the video how stupid they are. I just see muslims kill in name of god. No other religions.

  6. But you missed the point. I wasn't trying to say or insinuate one is better than the other. There's extremism many religions. I found the inquisitions to be extreme, or the Salem witch trials extreme or abortion clinic bombings/suicide bombing to be extreme…Again, I'm just saying. Many of the religions around the globe give rise to extremism. But this video and recent events in Syria says to me that we, the USA, should stay the heck out of their civil war.

  7. I agree on you that it's ridiculous, but the majority of all wars in the history have had a religious background (I'm not even including WW2). Catholics, Christians, Muslims, Jews; they have all killed "in the name of god".

  8. Let me know when Christians ram jetliners into skyscrapers or when Jews behead journalists and put it on the web, or those pesky Hindus with their suicide bomb vests.

  9. I'm pretty sure everyone in the world now knows that you think god is great and of course he is. Just look at all the wonderful things he's brought to you and your country. Keep at it, you'll all be dead soon and then I'll think God is great.

  10. You make a valid point but…Is Christianity?…Is Judaism?…Is Hinduism? etc. etc….. Pretty much every religion on the planet has some in-fighting. It doesn't mean one's better than the other or one side within the religion itself is better than the other.

Syrian Civil War – Footage Compilation – 2012

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