Watch ISIS terrorists scream and cry in the face of SAA tanks

After successfully obliterating the ISIS convoy, the Syrian Army and Hezbollah found this footage on the GO Pro camera of the terror group.
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  1. I wonder how iraqs and syrians armies could lost teritories by someone like those terrorists? In ISIS ranks is none leadership, only chaos. And sorry, I forgot about yelling. Seriously, ISIS is only danger during terrorist attacks, no where else. Shame on Iraqi and Syrian armies.

  2. does this look like a force that can occupy both Syria and Iraq ?!!!
    not to mention ability to endure war with a global coalition for more than 4 years ?!!!!
    something isn't right .

  3. And thats why you have only one captain on a ship. Screaming loud to the driver and asking him to go leftright at the same time doesnt work. The driver is just human and cant rip the car in two and let each half go right and left. Also a half car has only half the wheels it need so thats also why it isnt a good idea to yell like a girl befor thinking what you are shouting.
    I think it is a very confusing video.

Watch ISIS terrorists scream and cry in the face of SAA tanks

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