Combat footage of US Marines in Fallujah, Iraq |Music Video|

3rd Battalion 1st Marines Fallujah,Iraq 2004. Footage shot and edited by Corporal Jan M. Bender. Music Seether-Out of my way


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  1. I remember this video in boot camp in 2006 17 year old scared as fuck all my sergeants fought in the push and Fallujah in 04 those men taught me how to survive and be a Marine 2 years later im in Fallujah and karma doing route clearance and repair

  2. Pretty hardcore, bustin into empty buildings blowing up uninhabited city dwellings. The silence at the end is deafening. Not that I am pro islam but it seems not much happening here accept a bunch of bulldust/shit.

  3. samir there was no crimes that we us marines army and navy commited over there so fuck your koran and muslim bullshit ass religion ill piss and shit on the koran then burn it so you pussy ass cameljockey fucks watchout fuck isis alqueada and the taliban because yall all going to end up dead with your friends ossama bin laden and sadam hussein motherfucker

  4. You dump fuck it was a war people need to stop saying that they were bombing us embassies and killing American personal and targeting them and killing any Americans over there not just that al Qaeda was in that to just like the afghan war to so make sure if you comment you know what your commenting about ok dump ass

  5. They really wouldn't send us, Stephen. Not as a full ground surge. Other than specific MOS's for a direct operative, it would probably be someone like the SEALS or a smaller knit coalition of specially trained tactical fighters. Thanks for the shout out tho!!! Spetsnaz would be interesting as well 😉

  6. I wish they would send Marines back to Iraq already to just fucking exterminate those piss poor excuses for human beings (ISIS). Makes me sick, those who have fought and have died or lost brothers in Iraq over the past 13 years have sacrificed far too much for this to be happening all over again, but in what appears to be a much worse situation. It's time for America to break the chains on it's attack dog again and let loose on these sick motherfuckers.

  7. I've ran out of ways to defend Islamic nations and their people… I have.  I just ran out.  I can't even… it just… fuck.  You ever had that one drunk guy at the bar keep fucking with you, and you really don't want to hit him, but he just won't quit.  He just keeps on and keeps on like he has some kind of death fetish?  Well… Shit.  To those who don't want involved… I suggest you leave the bar.  Fuck that guy.  And at this point, if it offends you, fuck you too.

Combat footage of US Marines in Fallujah, Iraq |Music Video|

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