Combat footage: Iraqi troops clash with ISIS in battle for Ramadi

Iraqi troops fired at Islamic State militants in a neighbourhood of Ramadi late on Wednesday, as the battle to reclaim the besieged city continues


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  1. This is what Isis will do it will fill all the buildings in ramadi with c4 bombs and explode and it and leave so no one has the advantage.Another thing is they will fall back out of ramadi on purpose take over other cities and then take over ramadi again.

  2. The Husseins were fucked up and probably did a lot of horrible things, but under Saddam ISIS wouldn't dare go into Iraq and pull all the bullshit they have. Saddam was blamed for shit he didn't do, probably in a concerted effort to destabilize the region and allow this scourge to gain foothold. Once Saddam fell these vermin didn't take long to move in. Same with Libya (Gadhafi) and Egypt (Mubarak)…the same is now happening in Syria with Assad.That being said if Assad falls who do you think will control Syria? That's right these vermin will. Who controls the vermin? (Ask yourself) Also ask yourself who trains the vermin(Saudis).

  3. Thanks to the U.S. and western governments Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and now Syria look like modern western secular countries where everything is peaceful and perfect. NOT! It was there plan to destroy all Arab countries so Israel could survive and looks like it's working! Please Iran, Pakistan, Turkey don't let US ruin you although they have been trying for years!!!

  4. Iraq, the land of my ancestors, was a heaven on earth until the invaders arrived in 2003 🙁

    It is true that Saddam was a brutal dictator who killed and tortured a lot of Iraqis, Kuwaitis and Iranians, plus invaded two countries 1980-1988 & 1990-1991 but that does not give American, British and Australian soldiers the justification to destroy the Iraqi infrastructure, kill more than a million of civilians and displace million others.

    I wish peace for the world <3

  5. I wonder if the American and English 'leaders' are pleased with what they have achieved? Achieved, at a cost of billions of dollars and millions of lives, not to mention the pollution and hurt to the planet, to be felt for generations to come? Or, is that the reason why?

  6. Here's a facts, our govt owes over 18 trillions +. Double when Obama took office. The only way they can pay back is to destabilize the whole world. That way, this govt don't have to pay back squat. Get ready foreigner, our govt is coming for your country!!! Most American are too stupid to jail any person whom committed a war-crime in this country.

  7. I think we become so desensitized to death . People are actually dieing. Lots of people every day to nonsense. They are getting brown to bits . Feeling thier last breaths. Its crazy. Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutley.

  8. It Is so fucking shit that old white people still decieve us to go to war. Plz dont kilo me life isnt that bad. Why are you shooting at me. Idk.. Some guy in my government told me to. Hbu? Same….

Combat footage: Iraqi troops clash with ISIS in battle for Ramadi

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