War in Syria 2016 – Free Syrian Army in Battle For Shaykh Maskin

*DISCLAIMER* This footage is part of an war archive of the war in Syria and should be viewed as educational. This footage is also to be taken as a raw documentary on the events of the conflict in Syria. This footage is not meant to be violent in any way. I am only sharing this footage for the purposes of news reporting and educating. I also want to share this footage for: news reporting, sharing important information with the public, and the transformative nature of the footage.

The Battle of Al-Shaykh Maskin started with a Syrian Arab Army attempt, during the Syrian civil war in Daraa Governorate, to capture Al-Shaykh Maskin and thus secure the Daraa–Damascus highway. the rebels launched their offensive, code-named “Edkholo Alayhem al-Bab” and “Hadm al-Jedar” (Demolition Of The Wall), to take control of Al-Shaykh Maskin and the nearby town of Nawa.

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  1. no matter how you want to put it who ever wins becomes a dictator and scum this is why there has been fighting there none stop from the beginning of time over a religion and an old ideology and it's just a proxy war like a video game or board game using real lives from other countries to get our interest in our hands our government is homicidal

War in Syria 2016 – Free Syrian Army in Battle For Shaykh Maskin

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