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  1. For those wondering "how can a Leopard 2 get taken out by sandpeople?". The Leopard 2 has an hollowed out area in front of the periscope that the gunner uses, the armor there is thinner and more prone to penetration of an anti-tank weapon.

  2. Just leave it up to piss poor countries and their lack of training to 1… get their tanks captured by rag tag ISIS fucktards… how the fuck do you leave or not protect a multi-million dollar asset.  2. getting them destroyed by ATGM… because you lack the tactical knowledge of providing the necessary observation skills of a modern day Army.  No European country should be selling their wares to piss ass Muslim Countries, or those that somewhat harbor ill will toward Western Civilization.  Turkey as of late has been leaning more to the Islamic side, and therefore should be ejected out of NATO.

  3. 3 months now and the Turks cant still take Al Bab from robe wearing sandal wearing  sand niggers    WTf ?  The Sultan  is quiet now  ahahahaa oh wait Russia is helping you now  because you guys are incompetent .

  4. немецкий хлам как и вся немецкая военная промышленость..ну ,как могут тупые немцы что то создать ?..после Гитлера у них мозги вообще некудышние стали..деградация на лицо..пора германию неграми заселять…что и идёт.

  5. How did you manage to get your Leopards destroyed just like that?! It would take actual effort to reach the levels of incompetence to achieve this.

    I honestly don't know what else to say here.

Turkish Leopard-2A4 in combat against ISIS in #Syria #AlBab

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