COMBAT CAM: First video of Russian airstrikes on ISIS in Syria

The Russian Air Force has launched airstrikes against targets of Islamic State militants in Syria, the country’s Defense Ministry said. The move was approved at a request from Syrian President Bashar Assad.



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  1. now explain to me how bombing anyone anywhere will ever help anything? im ashamed not as an american but as a human. to share 99.7% of the same dna and be in the same species of animals. our species is a cancer to what is left of an ecosystem. ru and us should be ashamed for displaying this competion of bombing like its a contest

  2. As an American Who really opposed going into the Middle East since fucking forever, I'm glad Russia is stepping into this. First of all, Syria is THEIR ally not our lol, and second of all I'm pretty sure ASSAD was NOT responsible for gassing his own people, According to the U. N. How can we argue that We (USA) should be there in the first place. If shit was right, Putin should be getting blasted for not having stepped in sooner. But that is the state of the world currently, we just go all over for damn near no reason and shout at anyone Who tries to do the same lol freaking nuts.

  3. Great job, Russia. About time someone stood up to those ISIS pigs, and gave a middle finger to the Americunts who aren't doing anything about the rise of the most dangerous terrorist group in history.

COMBAT CAM: First video of Russian airstrikes on ISIS in Syria

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