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  1. Nature. Anarchy. Antichrist. Natural selection. No laws. No god. Nothing can keep you safe. No countries. No government. No religion. Slay the good. Slay the evil. Slay the righteous. Slay the innocent. We laugh at your delusional little game called "civilization".

  2. I'm all for military, but that's just fucked up. How would you like it if the Government got out of hand, and if you walked out of your house with an AR 15, you were immediately lit up with Cobra Gunfire? How would you like it if you were just holding a gun, and a UAV slammed a Pred Missle on you? Not very good, huh?

  3. We need to be Strong. We need to ban the Media from Strikes and War like WW1 and WW2. America only needs to know what is approved by the Government. War is ugly. Same with the police but reign in the renegades.

Metallica – Enter Sandman (Iraq)

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