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  1. YES!!!! I wanted to be a COD fan boy, but an 11 year old boy (sounded like a girl) told me I didnt have what it takes, so I figured I would just become an army infantryman as a close second to fulfill my dreams…..

  2. you confuse me for someone who cares to listen your weak willed rebutle filled with arbitrary information and name drops. seriously, you sound like a 13 year old coca cola addicted pre pubescent child who cant stop quoting call of duty modern warfare. you think your so cool when in reality all your "friends" stopped hanging out with you because you wouldnt shut up about how you were first to baghdad man! wooo! you sausage fest loser. US Army Soldiers Eat Shit and Die or Fuck Off at Least, Hooah!

Iraq Combat Footage AT-4 vs Sniper Nest

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