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  1. The vehicle they are in is a Stryker and it's the ones for the mortar platoons. The back hatches are bigger than regular Strykers because they need to make room fir that big ass mortar tube that's in there.

  2. @Valyn66 quit your bitchin what we do over there is helping those less fortunate and those who live in fear of the Taliban. I've seen it with my own eyes and it pisses me off every time I think about. So before you start expressing your opinion you should experience it yourself.

  3. Np. Although, most of the time it takes more than one shot to figure out exactly where its coming from. But, generally speaking, you start shooting in the general direction and they'll duck and cover. When I saw your name in my e-mail I was like "Jesus…its too early to deal with trolls >>" xD

  4. Repeated high power machine gun fire in the same location will eventually chew through it. It even laughs at most IED (roadside bombs, even the EFPs, the bombs that spew molten metal because they dont get hot enough to melt through glass, only metal). Continuous fire in the same spot would do the trick, but its highly unlikely because we're not just gonna sit there getting shot at and do nothing about it, ya know?

  5. After the window gets hit (with a pretty accurate shot too) and the guys start to fire from the vehicle, what are they shooting at? Are there men laying in wait or is it a defense maneuver? Excuse my ignorance. Just curious.

  6. @kikook222 And you base that assertion on what? Certainly not empirical facts and figures. Saddam Hussein offered to go into exile prior to the invasion of Iraq if he was allowed to keep $1 billion in funds. Which, while not exactly a nice thought, would have saved a million Iraqi civilians from death, saved thousands of U.S. servicemen and women from death, and saved the country about 1.9 trillion dollars.

    We killed a million people and bankrupted ourselves for nothing.

  7. @Heaven72781 is the 6.8spc the lapua round? also, along the lines of wishful thinking I wish they would give our boys the ripsaw ugv with the 20mm gatling gun. why should the spectre crews get to have all the fun. that or just deploy chuck norris there is no mud hut on earth that could withstand his round house. 🙂

Iraq Combat Footage Sniper Close Call & Firefight

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