Afghanistan War – Combat Footage During Firefights and Clashes with Taliban | Compilation

War in Afghanistan – Compilation of U.S. Marines and Army soldiers during combat operations, clashes and firefights with enemy. Also service members conduct suppressing fire on Taliban positions to silence the them. Videos were filmed in 2011-13.

*DISCLAIMER* This footage is part of an war archive of the war in Afghanistan and should be viewed as educational. This footage is not meant to glorify war or violence. I am only sharing this footage for the purposes of news reporting and educating. This is a war documentary.

Video Credits:
00:05 James Martinez;
02:00 Hector Angulo;
03:58 usarmyalaskanick channel;
08:22 Piotr Weklicz.

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  1. I think ist was in 2014 in Afghanistan and was American army's faith wiht Taliban. I am from Afghanistan but now I Life in Austria my one brother is army in Afghanistan.i hate Taliban in my country. we want to live peace in Afghanistan

  2. Куда стреляют? Зачем стреляют? Цели не видят! 100 % все выстрелы мимо, разве что из миномёта пару овец или коз убьют или местнго жителя! Тупо отстреливают боезапас, наверное показать что "идут активные бои" – чтобы прислали ещё боеприпасов! 🙂

  3. Sorry but wars of the past like WW2 was the last war the world has had, now wars are fought between super powers for resources and influence, Korea, Vietnam was a political war of influence, Iraq in the 90's Afghanistan today, and Iraq now is about resources, Syria Kurdistan, North Korea, is about political influence, the U.S. haven't fought a real meaningful war, since WW2 where the only only thing the U.S. gain was victory over its enemy.

  4. L'on ne voit pas du tout les Talibans. L'on comprend mieux pourquoi les soldats n''ont pas réussi à pacifier le pays. Malheureusement là-bas, il semble que ce sera la guerre éternelle. Quel malheur pour ce peuple. Une fois les soldats occidentaux partis, ils vont continuer à s' entretuer.

  5. FUCK THE NFL, THESE MEN ARE NOT ONLY ROLE MODELS BUT HEROS! I know those guys that serve don't think so, especially in the moment of combat, but they are representing our country, and our military and upholding the honor of the US MILITARY! We should be thanking them daily, not protesting over some bullshit showing them disrespect!!!!

  6. I think that we as American citizens should be on our knees thanking our servicemen for putting their lives on the line for us. We should be grateful for all they do. Soldiers, thank you for choosing to serve our country. I can never explain how deep the gratitude my family and I have for you. Please be safe so you can come home to the ones that you love

Afghanistan War – Combat Footage During Firefights and Clashes with Taliban | Compilation

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