Images from the Eastern Front | September 28th 2017 | Syria

“War Diary” project | Syria | September 28th 2017
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Be advised, VIDEO CONTAINS images not recommended for children under age of 18
Mature viewers only. This is an educational documentary. Posted for historical documentary and educational purposes .
This channel covering wars, videos posted not to offend, shock or encourage violence but for news / historical and educational purposes – to document war, war crimes and cases of terrorism. (Every video is dated for such purposes)
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  1. Dust, dust…always that dust everywhere. Wreaks havoc on all that equipment. In addition to that, I wouldn't dare firing those guns for fear of them blowing up in my face, they must be well beyond their service life by now.

  2. ISIS is extremely weak if you consider that the Syrian army is fighting on many fronts and has to secure every inch on its country with dozenz of checkpoints. ISIS has put everything they had into this battle and they still lost.

    ISIS has no heavy weapons, nor rocket launchers, nor any advanced technology. They are basically finished, even if it takes one day more. Same goes for HTS, just a matter of time and the Syrian army has proven its strengths and patience.

    The Syrian army is a master of tactical defence. First they withdraw and let their enemy think as if they have gained something, and then the SAA counter attackts and regain everything and even more.

  3. I know that it takes time, and a hard work to fight against the hypocritical terrorists from the NATO, ISRAEL and the Arab Gangsters!
    But please, I think it would be very helpful if you (Russian Airforce) took some of the BIG Thermobaric Bombs, and would blew the rat's out of their holes!
    And if there are Humways and armored carrier's are parking at these RAT holes, SO THEY WOULD BE TREATEN THE SAME WAY AS THEIR COMRADES AND FRIENDS IN THIS RAT HOLES!
    Because you can't tell me that this US military or intelligence (Intelligence??? 😂😂😂) guy's, are not aware of the fact that they are affiliated with the Terror in Syria, or elsewhere on Planet!
    Every normal Human being, with an education, Moral and Spiritual standards, could apologize their behavior in front of them selfes!

  4. i wounder if russia has pair of balls or enought money for bombs, ,, because i cant seem to understand why they just cant fuck up everything with in sight in the fucking desert with air supremacy and also bomb the Americans which arent supposedly there

  5. Awesome! Keep crossng the river in your own land guys and take back what is rightfully yours. Hope the pincers plan works and the rats get a good taste of the siege they've been inflicting for the last 3 years.

  6. Propaganda truck also being used to chuck out some sweet beats (pity it wasn't some metal though). Good to see some Hezbollah rockets again as well. The one positive from this chaos is the battle experience all concerned have gained

  7. Just saw on the live map that ISIS is fighting for control of Al-Suknah again, and that they've basically cut the entire Suknah-Deir Ez Zor Highway.

    Also heard that they'd captured 2 Russian servicemen.

    Sounds like the US Spec Ops have been giving ISIS more info again -_-

Images from the Eastern Front | September 28th 2017 | Syria

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