US Special Forces With Stryker Armored Vehicle Captured On Camera In Syria

Footage shows US Special Forces with Stryker Armored Vehicle Captured on camera in Syria.

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  1. I'd like to see more current videos of US forces in Syria because I know at least 400 were just sent in by the Trump administration and I want to see if they're making any progress

  2. illegal by international law
    But what should they do there?!
    US-empire destroys itself at home; _un_intelligence agencies are working against the gouvernment, Wallstreet oligarchs play there own games against population, US financial public debt rises and rises (US moral public debt anyway) … what should some soldiers do thousands miles away in some desert?!

  3. who is paying the next world war? Taxpayers. Bunch of idiots! So many innocents are dying just for trolls (Politicians, Plutocrates, Big rich families). There is nothing such patriotism. OBAMA, Trumpet or Bush will never send their kids to fight terrorists in Raqa. No ethics at all on our planet. I am tired of this US Imperialism. Everywhere they are involved and after their venue everything is completely destroyed. By the way did somebody find the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? The war against talibans is also lost in Afghanistan. All the brave soldiers of US, UK, Germany… died for zero. Nobody remembers their names. My kids will never ever fight for a country since the politicians will never go themselves to war or carry a weapon. All cowards misusing naive and honest people.

  4. This is in Manbij, probably near the village of Yalanli. Already being covered by the news. They're there to keep the Turkish-Backed terrorists from attacking the Syrian Democratic Forces from behind while they assault the ISIL capital, Raqqa.

  5. world war 3 any moment. These countries have no boundaries and WW3 will start soon, not if it will start it is when… Nukes will be flying but the elite will take cover in their bunkers..leaving the mentally challenge and simpleton to jump off the bridge

  6. This footage was captured in Rojava. They are allegedly SOF who are deployed in the Manbij region, west of the Euphrates river, to support the YPG against Turkish Jihadists

US Special Forces With Stryker Armored Vehicle Captured On Camera In Syria

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