Battle of Fallujah 2016 – Iraqi Forces in Heavy Combat Action | Iraq War

Iraqi forces during recent clashes in battle of Fallujah. The Third Battle of Fallujah, or Fallujah offensive 2016, is a military operation against IS to capture the city of Fallujah, located about 69 kilometers (40 miles) west of Baghdad. The operation began on 22 May 2016, three months after the Iraqi forces had started the total siege of Fallujah. Battle for Fallujah continues.

*DISCLAIMER* This footage is part of an war archive of the war in Iraq and should be viewed as educational. This footage is also to be taken as a raw documentary on the events of the conflict in Iraq. This footage is not meant to be violent in any way. I am only sharing this footage for the purposes of news reporting and educating. I also want to share this footage for: news reporting, sharing important information with the public.

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  1. Your at your best when you have used chevy trucks launching home made rockets! I wonder if hit anything, and how do you range it. Or is it "best effort"?

    Perhaps forgo the launch, tie it to the hood, put in a remote control and drive that truck at top speed to wherever it needs to go!

  2. I am from England i respect the Iraq people yes i am British but the war you guys had with American and Britain some of did not won't that war to happen i had a British Iraq heir guy he did me heir when i was a kid and as i got old but i dont go there no more because he give me a dirty look i dont no why i did like that shop was called modern man in heywood in Lancashire in England its sad i cant go there no more

Battle of Fallujah 2016 – Iraqi Forces in Heavy Combat Action | Iraq War

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