Massive Russian AirStrikes in Over Syria | Russia Operation In Syria HD

This footage is not meant to be violent in any way. I am only sharing this footage for the purposes of news reporting and educating. I also want to share this footage for: news reporting, sharing important information with the public, and the transformative nature of the footage.

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  1. The "POOOR" ISIS MAGGOTTS, whre are your us supporters now, why are McCains not with you in the treches? Fast delivery to ALLAH, even the inital acceleration is there, but wait what if some body parts do not arrive, can they still arrive there? Just ask some ISIS "spiritual" leader for advice.

  2. Ok, so this is what went down folks. Obama was never interested in wiping out ISIS. We could if we wanted to (which the public does). Putin played Obama for a fool (which wasn't hard) and say America….we have a common enemy, let us help (and get our troops some badly needed experience). Obama said thanks, but we got it. No, Mr. Obama, we insist…we really, really want to help you defeat this common enemy. Seeing he got played they started the whole was with Russia thing for several reasons. #1 Russia is not part of the globalist agenda. They had their Marxist nightmare and are past it. A strong Russia is a huge thorn to the side of a Globalist controlled West. Especially a weakened Western Europe filled with Muslims who don't give a shit about the culture and history. #2, Russian exposed and ousted George Soros. Soros spent billions buying US politicians to push the war with Russia agenda. After the election loss of Hillary resident pedophile John Podesta looking to take blame away from him went to the media with the "russian hacking" nonsense (which btw was never a hack but an inside job which is what wikileaks has stated many times). Please do not think these Russian jets are doing anything US jets can't do with ease. We could easily park 2 Aircraft carriers off the coast of Syria and do 24/7 raids on them.

  3. Wow those persons filming those attacks can earn thousands of dollars because of their fearless shots…..They can even catch up falling bombs or even flying fighter jet…..How impressive ……

  4. Never, NEVER fuck with Russia. All the countries that attempted fucking with Russia got fucked. Hitler, more recently… Napoleon, a while ago. The Turks, always knew that Russia was the only bit they couldn't fuck with.
    And this bunch of Allah-lovers think that they will stand a chance with a pickup truck and a mounted .50 cal? They got to be fucking kidding me.

  5. Why do they keep repeating constantly "aluaukmed"..wht the fuck are they saying..they keep saying it on both sides..i cant make out wheather or not there cheering or pissed off lol. what does that fraise mean…:S

  6. Looks like some battle field 3 stuff. those trees are planted, looks like nothing grows on its own really. everything is like desert. interesting. I kind of feel bad, there might be innocent civilians living in those houses, but i cant really see any being hit on the footage here.

  7. This is a shame no matter how you try to see it these are helpless people no matter thier religon there human could be the one whos family is getting blown up…stop and think people please Please JESUS open people's eyes this must STOP

Massive Russian AirStrikes in Over Syria | Russia Operation In Syria HD

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