Inside The Fight To Retake Raqqa From ISIS (HBO)

Three months into the offensive to retake the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, the tide is beginning to turn. Syrian Democratic Forces took the Old City, including the city’s historic Great Mosque, meaning they now control 60 percent of the city. VICE News travels to Raqqa to witness the battle firsthand.

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  1. 27 civilians dead ea day, city destroyed? War is about
    making $. So it takes 10 plane loads of bomb$ to kill 1 terrorist… that’s profitable!!!

    Your city is destroyed? Not to
    worry, the IMF/World Bank will happily get you in debt (for the rest of eternity) with loans to rebuild. Usury is the game, forbid usury (as Islam (and every religion) does), you’ll get destroyed.

  2. Its Sad Vice, you send a reporter to the other side of the planet. To report on a pretty much "world war", that was started and is being funded by western governments. Yet in the first 45 seconds, your reporter seemed to forget where he was and that showing your ass is disrespectful to the people and culture of the area, hell the world for that matter! Maybe your not paying him enough or he thinks its cool to wear skinny trendy jeans that are to big in the waist and to have them below his butt cheeks. But a belt or a piece of rope would fix that! Its kinda of funny! He has a PASGT helmet on and a Molle Vest with plates in, and his pants are falling down. So when he has to run and seek cover, he wont be able to move fast enough. Because he will be what I call crab running, with his legs way out to the side, so his pants will stay up! The SDF will laugh at him and say dumb American died because his pants fell down and proceed to take his body armour that cost hundreds, when a belt would of cost 5 dollars! Next time Vice, send someone in to report on a war that knows how to dress and act in a combat zone! Instead of putting the some poor SDF soliders life on the line, because he has to guard some poor western smucks!

  3. Muslims are not afraid of bullets they are ready to sacrifice. But Muslims dont die they are alive and every Muslim will fight to protect islam to protect their civilians. One Thing is Clear ISIS are not Muslims and they will die with a worst end. No one will be there to blow up their bodies with fire.

  4. It's so strange that when the YPG, a disciplined and well-trained military force, started taking arabs into their ranks on the insistence of western powers for the sake of political correctness, the result is an SDF that fights just like the morons they are fighting. They don't demonstrate even the slightest hint of understanding how a firearm works, just look at them all trying to shake the bullets out of their rifles towards an enemy some aren't even looking in the general direction of, from the middle of a road at 2:35. It's an embarrassment to the Kurdish military that these people are now associated with them. It's also an insightful document of how Raqqa can still be in enemy hands, with an estimated 300 defenders.

Inside The Fight To Retake Raqqa From ISIS (HBO)

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