Iraq War Footage/Picture Compilation

This is my first video,of some clips+pictures from the Iraq War,with some nice background music.I hope ya like it and God bless all those Soldiers fighting out there.Semper fi!Enjoy.


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  1. The war that shocked the world, the war that kicked off the United States' world domination foreign policy. In the US military's all volunteer force, no Airman, Sailor, Soldier, or Marine should be should be felt sorry for, we knew exactly what we were doing. I joined because high school was boring and I didn't want to sit in classrooms for another four years. Former Infantry Rifleman USMC 2006-2011.

  2. What a Waste of Intelligent Minds if only we could think together~instead of against each other. We doom ourselves for whatever the reason, been doin it for years. Thats why the next generation is ready to fight. Guns wn't protect the return of Christ~n Boy is He Pissed!!!. Meanwhile, I clean my AK. Sweet Dreams~~

  3. okay, to begin with, obviously this war is not about oil, if it was, dont you think wed be seeing more of it, the war is about killing shit faced dick monkeys who worship the quaran and would no sooner cut up your small child and mail you its body with a note attached and a big smiley face sticker attached. these people need to forever hunted relentlesy and for us to show them, we will find you, and we will kill you.

  4. There are a lot of reasons men and women join the military. The bottom line is that they all know what they may have to do one day. The only pointless wars are the ones where the citizens behind the soldiers are more discontent than the enemy. Discontent and naive citizens lost the Vietnam war and are making the Iraq war a lot harder than it needs to be.

  5. I don't think they joined infantry to fight useless wars. Don't you think even they want to do a good job? Instead of fighting without an end? I can't imagine they joined infantry because they like killing people… or am I wrong about that?

  6. As for the wars,well yeah the oil is the cause,but out there in the war zone,you dont think about oil,about Bush,or anything.Once the first bullets start flying by your head,all that politics crap drops into water,and you just stick with your brothers in arms,help each other out,fight the enemy and survive.Thats all there is.Peace. 🙂

  7. Thanks for the comments.And yes,i love USA but the government is the one that i dislike.Many people just hate americans,for no reason really.Its the government you should not like.

Iraq War Footage/Picture Compilation

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