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  1. When it comes to life and death, a US soldier can use what ever is available to survive. If a soldier were to run out of ammunition or if his weapon jammed, he very well may be forced to pick up an enemy's weapon to defend himself. Thats called improvising and adapting to the situation at hand. But i'm 95% sure they cant choose what weapon to bring.

  2. I'm sure in the times of crusaders they killed in the name of christianity.
    But I'm guessing they had some type of respect for the people and didn't rape whoever they saw.Still they stoned people and shit.
    But christians because more civilized.Now in about a thousand years they'll become smarter and less annoying too.And I say that as a christian.

  3. @justinstaw Islam is a death-cult political ideology, not a religion

    What kind of relgiion ADVOCATES lying?

    What kind of religion ADVOCATES murder?

    What kind of religion ADVOCATES stoning rape victims to death — while KNOWINGLY letting go those who committed the crime?

    What kind of religion condones and advocates pedophilia?
    What kind of religion was STARTED by a lying, murdering, pedophile?

    Death to all who follow Muhammad (PISS be upon him)

  4. @AstroWaldo I did not compare the number of people killed, i compared Nazi reich with the American reich. How many people had to pay for those to parties/states to be found. I said that, because people are demonizing Hitler and Nazis while everyone is praising America. America killed the most people in the world, and is still killing.

  5. @AstroWaldo excuses excuses. You non Muslims got excuse for everything you did and do, but when it comes to us Muslims, your fixed to one judgement.

    Birth of USA was on July 4, 1776. So its 235 years old now. So now abortion has been practiced for 38 years now.
    38 years of abotion x 1.3 million per year = 49.4
    Now, 114 million + 49.4 million = 163.4 million people were killed just on USA land. Also, USA is 235 years old while Islam is 1400 years old.

  6. @LivingHopeWorshiper I dont see how america is any less evil than Hitler was. Hitler killed 6 million Jews to form his reich. america killed 12 million Native Indians to be what it is. Hitler is better then america.

US troops in Iraq: Uncut War Footage

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