Combat footage: Iraq’s elite counterterrorism forces vs ISIS in battle for strategic town

Iraq’s elite counterterrorism forces claim to have entered the center of strategically important Hit town which is located along Islamic State supply line.


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  1. Many of you are showing your illiteracy in the military tactics, yet you proceed to bash these guys in the video. For starters soldier with the machine gun is not trying to kill the enemy but to suppress them while his colleague with rpg aims at the target is that so hard to understand?

  2. Give these weapons to Kurds (YPG) and they ll wipe out ISIS&all other jihadis. US is consistently making stupid mistakes. There is no Iraq's elite. If there were we wouldnt have ISIS pigs running around in the first place. Iraq is a lost cause and should be divided between Kurds , Shias and Sunnis.

  3. Those elites forces have engaged in hundreds of battles, liberated countless cities, towns and villages, killed thousands of terrorists and lost hundreds themselves, with each member they lost being a more man and a better person than you will ever be! But sure, proceed with your judgement and mockery based on a half minute edited video that you just saw!

  4. Those aren't "elite forces". Elite forces are ISOF, AKA the Golden Division. Those guys are just militias, most of them barely had a proper training. They just get trained quickly and go on the field.

Combat footage: Iraq’s elite counterterrorism forces vs ISIS in battle for strategic town

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